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The television schedule on Monday 9 May offered viewers the ending of Nero in the middle of 3 and a new episode of the famous Island of 2022. Here is the most watched program.

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The television schedule of Monday 9 May offered successful fiction, film, entertainment and in-depth programs to viewers. Rai1 left room for the last episode of Half black 3. Canale5, on the other hand, broadcast a new episode of the reality show The island of the famous. Let’s see who managed to win the audience competition.

Half Black 3 wins the ratings, Isola with 18.8% share

Rai1 broadcast the season finale of Half black 3. The last episode of the fiction with Claudio Amendola and Miguel Gobbo Diaz recorded 4,780,000 spectators equal to 24.8% share. Thus it became the most watched program of the evening. (Here what we know about the hypothesis that the fourth season will take place). Canale5, on the other hand, broadcast an episode of the Island of the Famous, which saw competitors Edoardo Tavassi, Maria Laura De Vitis, Lory Del Santo and Marco Cucolo go into nomination. While no castaways were eliminated. The reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi, with commentators Vladimir Luxuria and Nicola Savino involved 2,528,000 spectators equal to 18.8% share.

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Let’s now see the Auditel data recorded by the television programs broadcast by the other networks. Rai2 broadcast Made in South. The comedy program conducted by Clementino recorded 932,000 spectators equal to 5.5% share. Rai3 has left room for a new episode of Report. The program conducted by Sigfrido Ranucci involved 1,518,000 spectators equal to 7.6% share. Italia1 proposed Fast & Furious 5. The film with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker was followed by 1,230,000 spectators with a 6.4% share. Finally, Rete4 broadcast the program Fourth Republic. The broadcast conducted by Nicola Porro was followed by 941,000 spectators with a 6% share.

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