where to find them, how to tame them and what to do with them

We continue the search for pets in Minecraft! Previously, I told you how to tame horses and domesticate cats, dogs and wolves, as well as how to make them mate to have more copies. Now I tell you where to find foxes to tame and breed them.

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Adorable little foxes in Minecraft!

Foxes (passive and nocturnal creatures) are found in the wild in taiga biomes. They tend to be more common in the forest type, but they can also be found in the snowy mountains. They can also appear in taiga villages, but are much less likely.

minecraft foxes

Foxes are used to being in small groups, almost always in pairs. Their fur is orangealthough it is possible to find them in white in the snowiest areas.

How to tame them? In process it is not different from the cat, for example. Under normal conditions, the fox will run away when he sees you. To prevent them from leaving and to be able to start giving them food, crouch forward and use sweet berries until little hearts appear. You can also make them mate: enclose two copies in a small fence and feed them until a little fox appears.

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What are foxes for? In addition to accompanying you, it feeds on the fruits it finds and hunt rabbits, fish and chickens. Good to obtain resources and bad if you have a farm with these animals. Keeping the fox’s prey locked up is enough. Last but not least, they will defend you when an enemy attacks you.

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