Tom Cruise has aged so well and these images of his visit to CDMX prove it

A few days ago Tom Cruise visited Mexico City to promote ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ and not only showed that he is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, he also proved that he has the ability to age like few other actors.

Top Gun: Maverick will hit theaters in our country on May 27, which is why Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, Monica Barbaro, Jon Hamm, Danny Ramirez and the director, Joseph Kosinski, visited the Mexico City on May 6 where they met with the specialized press and of course, they took hundreds of selfies with their fans.

It is clear that Tom Cruise is one of the biggest stars in the world, however, we must also recognize that the protagonist of films like Barry Seal, only in America either The MummyhHe has aged like few actors and we have the images that prove them.

Tom Cruise at his best

Uriel Linares/Sensacine Mexico

For someone 60 years old can withstand a close up like this, it’s because he has managed to stop time and of course Tom Cruise he is one of the chosen ones.

The same profile for years

Uriel Linares/Sensacine Mexico

looking for another angle Tom Cruise? Well, this profile on the Mexico City photo call check that the famous actor has managed to age in style.

Best regards

Uriel Linares/Sensacine Mexico

If anything distinguishes Tom Cruise is your cordiality when it comes to treat both the fans and the media. At no time did she stop smiling and waving.

iconic smile

Uriel Linares/Sensacine Mexico

Tom Cruise may be 60 years old, but he has not lost his iconic smile with which he will return in Top Gun: Maverick at the end of this month to theaters in Mexico.

Tom Cruise + sunglasses

Uriel Linares/Sensacine Mexico

Of course we can’t think of Tom Cruise and his adventurous style without his classic sunglasses.

Contact with the fans!

Despite extensive promotional tours, Tom Cruise he still enjoys greeting his fans and of course, taking some souvenir selfiesjust as he did on his recent visit to Mexico City.

Goodbye Tom

Uriel Linares/Sensacine Mexico

Before leaving Mexico City, Tom Cruise He did not hesitate to thank the reception of the Mexican public, he also revealed that he is a fan of tacos. Is it the source of his amazing aging?

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