today the sun is back, inside and out

Temperatures have risen in Miami and no, it’s not the sun’s fault, it’s the singer’s fault Shawn Mendes walking barefoot and quietly through the streets of the city. The young Canadian is sure to suffer from the sultry Florida weather because it’s not the first time we’ve seen him shirtless. ShawnHowever, he seems to be in excellent shape, a sign that he has definitely overcome the break with his colleague Camila Cabello.

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A love storythe one between two best friends, who made us dream from the first moment it started, with the featuring Señorita. After two years, however, the couple made it official the end of their relationship with a Instagram Stories shared by both last November, in which it seemed they had decided by mutual agreement. Only a few months later it was discovered that in fact between the two there would still be some bitterness. As he sang that ‘everything would be fine’, she responded by sending him a few digs with the song Bam Bamreleased last March.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes
Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes- Source: Instagram @shawnmendes

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The two, who for now profess to be single, met last week during the Met Gala, greeting each other as mature people. According to HollywoodLife the stars were genuinely happy to see each other after a long time: “They were briefly seen talking but the conversation was friendly and authentic. Camila And Shawn they have remained on good terms since their breakup. They are both very sincere and they admit that they still have a lot of affection for each other“Revealed a source.

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Shawn Mendes today: the singer ignites the streets of the city

Who knows what he thought Camila at the sight of this photo ?! Many would have died of envy instead of him. The beautiful singer is enjoying life to the fullest and looking more relaxed than ever as he walks in the Miami sun without shoes and wearing only low-waisted trousers. Although he seems to have just woken up, the hitmaker walk happily holding the shirt in hand, charming as always or maybe more. His unkempt brown hair covers his eyes from the annoying light of day and he even hints at photographers a smile. The sun illuminates his flawless aspect of him and strikes him his sculpted abs, highlighting them even more. What can I say, passers-by are lucky!

Physicist Shawn Mendes Miami
Photo: IPA

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