This was the extravagant birthday party of Kim Kardashian’s son

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kim kardashian once again stunned his fans after organize a lavish birthday party for her youngest son, Psalm.

The businesswoman shared on her social networks the photos of the impressive “Hulk”-themed party from Pslam, who turned three on May 9, which included huge balloon displays and an “amazing” cake.

The star, who dyed her hair platinum blonde last week for the 2022 Met Gala, wore a black, sleeveless turtleneck bodysuit with baggy pants. Psalm and his older brother Saint wore T-shirts emblazoned with the Hulk and Chicago with a green number.

Kim and her children posed in front of a green balloon with the famous hands of the Hulk seen on the walls with their slogan “Smash”. The cake was green and also had “Hulk’s” fist on it, along with his name.

The party of psalms it had a wall with “Hulk’s” fist through it, along with green balloons and his own name emblazoned on it. Guests enjoyed “Psalm shakes” in four flavors: “Hulk Vanilla, Chocolate Smash, Strawberry, and Vegan Vanilla.”
The yummy-looking milkshake also had a mini donut, rock candy, whipped cream, and a cutout of the Hulk in a cup shaped like the green man.

kim He also showed in one of the snapshots, that he had two long tables, one of chocolate dessert in the shape of the Hulk’s fist, along with the mallet to crush the dessert. The second had green bowls and craft supplies for some kind of project that guests could participate in.

There was also a large statue of the Hulk and the guests also had Hulk fists that they could use and play with.

kanye he seemed to miss his youngest son’s birthday party and opted to spend it in Japan with 24-year-old model Chaney Jones. The 44-year-old rapper was seen in an Instagram story on Wednesday, the day before the little boys’ party, while he was in Japan.

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