They seek to start reading from kindergarten


More than 60 preschool children participated in a municipal sample of “Storytelling”, which seeks to promote children’s reading from kindergarten and encourage family integration, reported Arizbeé Montaño Zavala, delegate of the Ministry of Education (SE) in Ensenada.
He explained that the call was attended by 62 children from 53 preschools, who participated in the school zone stage and where two students and four students were finalists, who attended the municipal stage.
Montaño Zavala expressed that promoting reading from childhood helps children to develop their imagination and creativity, enrich their vocabulary and better express their emotions; specifically at preschool age, she said, it favors their progress in language, diction and comprehensive development.
The participants were Carlos Eli Moreno Hernández, with the story “The hedgehog and the balloon”, from the “Jesús Reyes Heroles” Kindergarten; Ana María López Martínez, with the story “The Ugly Duckling”, from the “Niño Migrante” campus; and Sofía Anahí Ortiz Bustamante, who told “This is how a mother is made”, from the “Cadete Agustín Melgar” preschool.
Montaño Zavala added that the representative of the “Firenze” School was Sofía Victoria Cota Loredo with the story “The Lion and the Mouse”; Sol Michelle Salazar Marmolejo, from the “Margarita Maza de Juárez” campus, told the story “The Three Little Pigs”; and finally, Juan Carlos Lara Silva, from the “California” school, participated with the story “If I were a lizard”.
For her part, Yunuén Verenice Vergara Rosales, head of the Department of Preschool Education in Ensenada, indicated that reading at an early age also allows developing memory and associating images, figures and landscapes embodied in stories.

positive impact
For this reason, he said, the activity of “storytelling” has a positive impact so that children acquire a taste for reading and thereby develop critical thinking and reflection.
To decide the first three places, the jury evaluated criteria such as presentation of the story, clarity of the story, coherence between the narrator and the story, volume of voice, adherence to time, fluidity, body expression and friendliness.
After deliberating, the jury decided that first place would go to Sofía Anahí Ortiz Bustamante, who received an electronic tablet; second place went to Carlos Eli Moreno Hernández and third place went to Ana María López Martínez, who received a certificate of participation, school supplies and books.

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