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Tom Cruise is one of the most daring actors, daring to perform the most dangerous actions in his films, but he needs many licenses for that.

Tom Cruise
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Tom Cruise He is recognized in the world of Hollywood as one of the actors who takes the most risks during the filming of his films. Some plenty of examples are the shots he takes in each of the installments of the franchise Mission Impossible that are always accompanied by some scene that requires real courage. The interpreter even hung himself from a moving plane. For Top Gun Maverick decided to fly himself in an F-18 fighter plane.

The Hollywood mega star visited The Late Late Show with James Corden and talked about the different permits he has to carry out these stunts and dangerous actions but with the law on his side. It’s no surprise that good old Tom has a driver’s license, but not all Hollywood actors are certified airline pilots like the star of Jerry Maguire.

Tom Cruise skills

Not just conventional aircraft, Tom Cruise is state-trained to fly jets. Speed ​​doesn’t scare him and maybe that’s why his license also allows him to drive high displacement motorcycles. What if we go to the beach? Calm down, at that very moment we can assure you that if there is a boat, the protagonist of Interview with the Vampire you have the document that allows you to handle it.

He also had time in his tight schedule to learn two extreme sports such as diving and skydiving. So much so that Tom Cruise he is licensed for both activities and is not afraid of the depths of the ocean or heights. What a way to live life to the limit, that of this actor who became his own risk double and along the way he was filled with permits for these dangerous activities.

By last, Tom Cruise He mentioned his Real Estate license. We know that these businesses leave a lot of money in the accounts of those who sell properties, after all, brick never loses value. And yes, in addition to earning money as one of the highest paid actors in the Hollywood industry, this international figure has time to buy and sell properties, thus making a profit. Impressive!

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