the work look with a white shirt and satin trousers

Jennifer Lopez has radically changed her style: on social media she has turned into a career woman but this does not mean she has given up on glamor. Here’s how the pop star reinterpreted a formal work look.

Jennifer Lopez she does not stop even for a moment when it comes to career and, despite being totally overwhelmed by the love for Ben Affleck (who recently gave her a splendid engagement ring), she continues to be very active from a working point of view. She documents every single professional milestone on social media with photos, posts and videos, not hesitating to “put her face” in the projects she launches, first of all the make-up line that bears her name. After appearing more glamorous than ever on international red carpets and in fashion shoots, this time she has turned into a career woman but this does not mean she has given up on glamor.

Jennifer Lopez is a boss babe

J.Lo has always shown herself in all sorts of ways on social media, from femme fatale on stage to fitness addict during workouts in the gym, but in a career woman version no one had ever seen her. In the last few hours she has reinterpreted a classic work look in a hyper-feminine key, showing everyone that you can be elegant and sensual even in the office. No skirts and maxi necklines, the pop star posed wearing a simple white satin blouse worn slightly unbuttoned at the neck, paired it with a pair of ice-colored satin trousers and a matching belt that marked her waist. To complete it all, she chose a necklace with a heart pendant and a French manicure with a chic and bon-ton soul.

J.Lo with extra long hair

J.Lo with extra long hair

The new hair look of J.Lo

What made the difference in Jennifer Lopez’s “boss babe” look was her hair. She temporarily said goodbye to natural hair and added extensions to make it extra long. Her hair, in fact, reaches her waist and helps to transform her into a real princess. She brought them loose, with the center line and with some lovely beach waves. The actress seems to have even slightly revolutionized her color: she now has very dark roots but with some light locks in platinum tones that start from the center of the head and become lighter and lighter as you get to her tips. . How many will take inspiration from Lopez’s hair look for spring?

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