The Word Benedict Cumberbatch Can’t Say


The Oscar-nominated actor for The Power of the Dog has severe problems pronouncing a word in English and was exposed because of a documentary.

The actor was born in London.
© GettyThe actor was born in London.

One would probably think that English should not be a complicated language for a person who was born in England or the United States. However, for benedict cumberbatch, who was born 45 years ago in London, there is a word that is not usually given in a simple way. The actor nominated for Oscar for The power of the dog has severe problems to enunciate a word and was completely exposed because of a documentary.

As with many artists around the world, nature-focused documentary productions often use well-known actors to narrate them. This was the case for the figure of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesswho was invited to be part of the production of the bbc, Strange Islands, focused on life in the South Pacific. There, he had to mention a peculiar animal: the penguins.

During one of his visits to The Graham Norton Showthe driver dedicated himself to reading some questions from the public and highlighted that there was one in particular that was named repeatedly: “Ask Benedict tell me the word ‘penguin’”. after laughing, Cumberbatch counted: “Apparently, I got it wrong repeatedly in a documentary. It was not a documentary about said animal”he explained, without saying “penguin” since, as completed, it is “completely freaked out by the word”.

After what Graham Norton will show a small cut of the documentary Strange Islandswhere the problems of Cumberbatch to say “penguin”, the actor had no problem defending himself. Laughing, he explained: “The funny thing is you don’t do it in isolation. You have a team of natural history experts who studied at Bristol on their taxes. I’m not alone in a booth.”.

+ Will he return to the MCU?

With the premiere of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesscame the great doubt regarding the future of benedict cumberbatch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is that, as happened with figures like Chris Evans, Scarlett Johnasson and Robert Downey Jr., some historical actors of the saga began to say goodbye. In fact, it is said that Thor: Love and Thunder It would be the last film of Chris Hemsworth in the franchise. For the actor who plays Stephen Strange there is still fabric to cut and, although it was not said when or how, the film of Marvel He confirmed with a plaque that we will see him again in the future.

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