The Weeknd has the best watches in the world (and this costs)

Central element for this character of afterhourswhich is a critical and exuberant portrait of men obsessed with superficial beauty, was this Rolex Onyx Datejust that matched his red jacket look.

The rare vintage dial onyx is one of his favourites, as it represents the age of 1980s Hollywood glamour, and in keeping with the singer’s thoughts on this subject, the watch was mentioned 26 times by Patrick’s Christian Bale character batman in American Psycho. Anyone more obsessed with insane perfection than he is?

How much? $35 thousand US dollars.

Rolex Cellini ‘King Midas’

Rolex Cellini ‘King Midas’.


With the character that we previously mentioned for afterhoursthat strange and vintage alterego of Mr. Tesfayewe saw him wear a red jacket and wide-rimmed glasses over an all-black look, complete with… oh yeah… the artist-owned Rolex Cellini ‘King Midas’.

This watch is one of a thousand pieces designed by Gérald Genta, known for creating iconic timepieces, including Cartier Pasha, the patek philippe Nautilus and obviously the Royal Oak. This design features a black bracelet and a black Midas dial. A delight with a villainous air and personality seventies.

How much? $17 thousand US dollars.

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