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We take a look at the movie Judge Dredd from ten years ago.

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of superheroes are the protagonists of the comics published by DC and Marvel publishers. However, there are many other characters that are not from either of the two companies, although they have been able to meet them in some crossover between companies, as is the case with Judge Dreddwho was born in the pages of comics 2000 AD No. 2 (1977), belonging to the publishing house of the same name, with scripts by John Wagner and drawings of Carlos Ezquerra.

As many other heroes of the ninth art have done before him, this character has also made the leap from the pages of comics to those of the world of cinema. In fact, to date, he has done it twice, with the films Judge Dredd (1995), which we already talked about at the time, and Dredd (2012), which is the film analyzed in this article.

America is a radioactive dump and a city is built inside it. Outside the walls, the desert, a cursed land. Within the walls, a cursed city stretching from boston to washington, DC An unbroken asphalt landscape. Eight hundred million people living between the ruins of the old world and the mega-structures of a new world. Mega-blocks, mega-highways… Mega-City One: Convulsive, suffocating, collapsing under its own weight, fearful citizens of the streets, weapons, gangs… There is only one thing that fights for order among the chaos, the men and women of the Department of Justice: juries, executioners, judges.

This introduction, which seems to be narrated by the protagonist, gives way to the film, which is 95 minutes long and is directed by Peter Travis and starring Karl Urban (As the Judge Dredd), olivia Thirlby (in the role of Judge Cassandra Anderson), Lena Headey (which plays Mother) Y Wood Harris (which embodies Kay).

To the Judge Dreddwho is one of the greatest defenders of justice in Mega-City Oneentrust him with the supervision and evaluation of Cassandra Anderson, a rookie who possesses the mutant power to read minds. However, neither of them can imagine that they are about to face the gang of the cruel Motherwhich is made up of murderers and traffickers of slo-moa new type of drug that makes the user’s brain believe that events happen at a speed of 1% with respect to real time.

Dredd and Anderson

The movie Dredd he returns to the voice of the introduction to finish with the following summary of the information given at the beginning:

Mega-City ONE: Eight hundred million people living between the ruins of the old world and the mega-structures of a new world. There is only one thing that fights for order among chaos: the judges.

One of the highlights of the film is that, contrary to what happens in the feature film starring Sylvester Stallone, Kark Urban does not show his face at any time, as expected from a reliable interpretation of Dredd, since one of his hallmarks is that his face is never seen in the comic. In addition, it seems that the actor himself put said condition to embody the character, something that says a lot about his commitment to the original material, thus distancing himself from what is usual today for actors who play superheroes to show their faces more than the logical

However, it is clear that an actor cannot lift a film on his own. Fortunately, Karl Urban does not have to support this weight, since the rest of the cast is quite correct, with completely believable interpretations, which allows the viewer the advantage of immersing himself in the plot with complete fluidity.

Dredd It is a film composed of violence and black humor, two elements that should not be missing in a film starring this character, so, in this aspect, it must be recognized that he passes with flying colours.

Anderson in trouble

Despite being well received by critics, Dredd it failed to generate the expected revenue at the box office. However, its great results in the sale of the domestic format meant that the idea of ​​shooting a sequel was not ruled out, which, to this day, is still awaited, including the film itself. Karl Urban.

If you are a fan of superhero movies in general and of Judge Dredd In particular, it is recommended that you do not miss the opportunity to see this film, if you have not already done so, which needs a little more than an hour and a half to immerse yourself in the apocalyptic world of Mega-City One from the hand of one of the most experienced guides that exist: the Judge Dredd.

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