The stars of hip-hop away from the spotlight, between love stories and betrayals

Rappers and hip-hop stars often have a bad boy reputation, with a life of drugs, infidelity and violence. These stereotypes naturally capture only a small part of reality, and certainly represent only the tip of the iceberg that most attracts the curiosity of the media and the public. Away from the spotlight, rap artists have very different lives, in some cases closer to clichés, and in others to the opposite extreme.

So let’s look at the private lives of some famous rappers to find out more about their relationships, official or secret, to understand more about the people behind the music.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé: overcoming crises through music

Jay-Z he has come a long way, from the shady parts of Brooklyn, including a stay in juvie in 1988, to become the first billionaire in rap history. His first album, “Reasonable Doubt”, was released in 1996 and with this album Jay-Z immediately established himself as an artist to watch. In 2000 he meets Beyoncé, who was part of the pop group Destiny’s Child, and after about a year the two begin dating. Their relationship also involves the professional field, with the collaboration on Jay-Z’s song “03 Bonnie & Clyde”, and later with Beyoncé’s song “Crazy in Love”.

From now on, Jay-Z will not only be noticed in the hip-hop charts, but also in the gossip news. The couple got married in 2008 with a ceremony far from the spotlight, but trouble soon began. The rumors of Jay-Z’s betrayals, which began in 2005, are becoming more and more insistent. The confirmation of the extramarital encounters of the rapper arrives between 2016 and 2017, through two very personal albums on which the couple worked side by side. Before her it is Beyoncé’s turn, who with “Lemonade” shares the feelings of anger, pain, hope, joy and redemption felt during her marriage crisis. Jay-Z then publishes “4:44”, his way of apologizing for the suffering caused to his wife, as well as publicly confirming her infidelity.

For the two, music was a way of elaborating what had happened and overcoming it together, as a sort of therapy path. Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who have three children together, have come out stronger and their relationship has been reborn.

Cardi B, the new hip-hop queen

The career of Cardi B, born in Belcalis Marlenis Almánazar, started off on the accelerator. Her first (and so far only) album, “Invasion of Privacy“, Is praised by critics and is also a staggering success among the public.

As for her private life, Cardi B has been married to her colleague since 2017 Offset, with whom she has two children. The relationship, however, is far from peaceful. In fact, at the end of 2018, the artist announces her separation from her husband. With a blatant gesture, Offset begs her to forgive him and the two reconcile in early 2019. Cardi B of her, famous for her bluntness, told the press that her breakup had to do with her husband’s betrayal. . The rapper, however, decided to forgive her spouse, giving him a second chance after his extramarital affair.

In addition to her husband’s music and infidelity, Cardi B also made headlines for her fierce rivalry with colleague Nicki Minaj, with whom she almost came to blows during 2018 New York Fashion Week.

A $ AP Rocky: relationship with Rihanna and arrests

A $ AP Rocky, in these times very present in the press for his relationship with Rihanna, he has a complicated life behind him. She began rapping as a child, around the age of 8, and soon had to face the arrest of her father for drug dealing and the disappearance of her brother. Her career began with the A $ AP Mob hip-hop crew, before moving to work as a soloist in 2011.

Rocky has been dating several colleagues over the years, including the Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, and since 2020 he has been a steady couple with the Barbadian pop star Rihanna. In early 2022 the couple announced that they would to wait for the first child. The happy news is soon overshadowed by rumors of Rocky’s alleged betrayal with stylist Amina Muaddi, the couple’s mutual acquaintance. Shortly after this scandal over his alleged infidelity, the rapper is arrested at the Los Angeles airport as part of a shooting investigation. He is then released on bail of $ 550,000. As early as 2019, Rocky was held by law enforcement in Sweden following a fight.

Sfera Ebbasta expecting her first child

Moving on to our local stars, that of the Milanese rapper Sfera Ebbasta it’s a more romantic story. The Cinisello Balsamo artist has an enviable career, which has so far seen him become the first Italian in the world top 100 of the Spotify platform.

His private life, however, has little to do with the stereotype of the transgressive star. The rapper has indeed found love in an unconventional way, through a casual interaction on Instagram. A first exchange of messages is followed by a meeting in Ibiza, and the real love at first sight. From that moment on, Sfera settles his head and gives up on crazy evenings, between excesses and occasional encounters. Four years after Angelina sent him the first emoji, the girl is expecting a baby and the couple is more solid than ever. The two gave the happy announcement through Instagram, a criminal platform that made them known, with a photo that shows all their happiness.

The lives of hip-hop stars, between longtime celebrities and the most recently successful rappers, are certainly influenced by fame, which brings money and luck, but it can also turn into a curse. Many of these artists come from a complicated past, made up of family problems in a disadvantaged social context, which sometimes leads to a present of extramarital encounters and difficult relationships. Some couples have proved capable of overcoming these obstacles through dialogue and forgiveness, thus finding a stronger stability.

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