The photo that proves that Kylie Jenner and Stormi are the same

    If we have one thing clear, it is that Kylie Jenner and Stormi have an incredible mother-daughter relationship. In fact, Kylie herself loves to share with her fans some of her most adorable photos of her in which she even they share identical ‘looks’not to mention their manicure together because it’s a true fantasy… Yes, the two are true divas with all the letters.

    In addition to everything that her mother teaches us, we have to recognize that Stormi is a girl who has always won our hearts for her joy it gives off and how spontaneous it is, as he has shown us in many of his viral videos. Despite the fact that there is some healthy envy because we also want incredible trips to Disneyland as a family or backpacks with 12 thousand dollars for our first day of school, we love being aware of every new thing in the life of the little girl.

    to their four yearsis already a icon that has many fans on social networks and when he was only two years old he began to set a trend with each of his ‘looks’ that are ideal. Although we freak out more and more with how old he is and the style he has, we can not deny that Stormi looks a lot like her mother. In fact, we have found a montage of a fan account on Instagram that has left us freaking out because they are like two drops of waterlook!

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    Other fan accounts commented: “It’s like it’s exactly the same person” either “Kylie2😍👯”, referring to the fact that in this montage they look even more alike. Although Kylie’s dress is much more classic because they have been years apart and it was another time, the fact that they have the same hairstyle and have the same pose makes It’s even hard for us to tell them apart..

    Will they continue like this over the years? We will see!

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