‘The Kardashians’, the new Disney reality show that you shouldn’t watch but that will hook you

Luxurious cars, dream houses and a quality of life that takes your breath away, that is the daily reality lived by kardashian and that, added to a huge number of drones and constant cameras in every corner and every minute, will give way to the new reality show of the most famous matriarchal clan in the United States, of social networks and of television that Disney has dared to broadcast.

Like a car accident that you shouldn’t be watching but its morbidity makes you not lose your gaze or like that category B15 movie (for over 15s) that you watched secretly from your parents, this is how this show is that they have once again starred in some of the richest women in the world. A completely exaggerated drama, where there is no interest in seeing it, but if you see it, you will inevitably be hooked. Five o’clock K’s -Kim, Kylie, Kendall, Kourtney, Khloé and their matriarch, Kris-, come back together in a reality series after making during 20 years and 280 episodes Keeping Up With The Kardashianss. But this time, with more diamonds, more secrets, more discussions, more work, with a new name and from the hand of a great production company like Disney +.

The change of producer It’s because for some of the family members, the environment of the KUWTK recording – coinciding with the crest of the wave of pop culture – began to turn toxic. Rob and Kourtney Kardashian agreed that they were not enjoying themselves while doing the show. However, Kourtney maintained that this was not the reason the show came to an end, saying that he believed “we were all ready to move on to something else.” So ‘the move’ is for multiple reasons, one of them, the waiting time from when the episode is recorded until it is broadcast. Hulu (producer associated with Disney+) has a faster turnaround time on streaming, and the Kardashians wanted their series to be as current as possible: “We hated how long we had to wait. That was like the death of us, because once we got over something, we had to repeat it all over again.” Another element of the network change was the importance of “being fashionable”. The streaming it’s ending traditional television, and the clan didn’t want to look old-fashioned, they wanted to “keep up with the times.”

Although it is not known how long the sisters will be in front of the camera, at the moment they have already signed for a second season, when the first barely has 4 chapters, which is already known to be substantially longer than season 1.

This session seems to have only ten episodes, but the Kardashian family has promised to continue their television career until they reach at least 40 episodes signed with the producer. And from what is known, the second season will arrive relatively quickly.

What’s different about the new series ‘The Kardashians?

What used to feel like a reality show drama that only navigated the relationships between the sisters and their love prospects, now focuses on a facet never seen before: her motherhood and behind the scenes of each of her work projects.

In this new stage, the routine of the Kardashians will be focused individually, unlike the previous one, which showed how they lived together as a family. In addition, with everything learned, the family will be able to teach a more mature part, “much more cinematic and beautiful, much more personal,” Khloé and Kourtney say in an interview for the magazine fashionwhere “our own rules become evident”, stand out from this new production.

“A big part of this show is that it was filmed individually, instead of being filmed together like before. When I got to see the assembly, it was nice to see what the others were doing, “says the eldest of the sisters -Kourtney (43 years old)-.

What are the Kardashians famous for?

The truth is that the Kardashian-Jenners are better known than many heads of state. His last name is almost an emblem in the United States. But the real beginning lies in Robert George Kardashian, the key member of this network. His last name, of Armenian origin, is, in a way, the one who unleashed everything, almost unintentionally. The father of the family was married to Kristen Houghten for thirteen years. They had four children: Kourtney, Kim, Khloé and Robert. A fairly normal family until two years later, Robert rose to fame for his work as a lawyer, being one of the key parties in the OJSimpson trial -see in the documentary OJ: Made in America, one of the most famous and media in the history of America. However, an illness caused his death, a fact that the clan knew how to turn in his favor to get to where they are today.

The two main roles in this network are those of Kris and Kim. The latter longed to be famous and the former wanted her daughter to achieve that fame as she was. Now this was a slow process that took years. Until in 2007 they began to become a worldwide phenomenon, many things happened.

One of Kim’s first steps was to become friends with Paris Hilton, who at that time covered hundreds of pages of newspapers and who also gave her a job as a stylist, becoming inseparable. But the real climax came with a pornographic video of Kim that she had recorded four years earlier with Ray J. and which was leaked. The images were published and the result was the most viewed pornographic tape in history. A fact that catapulted her to fame completely. Here Kris knew how to make the most of the opportunity and signed a contract to start Keep Up with the Kardashians. After this, everything came by itself, until today, where the sisters do not stop collecting scandals.

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