The hidden connection of Chanel’s Eurovision song with Britney Spears, Madonna and Mariah Carey

The proposal that Spain is bringing to Eurvosión this year is highly international, and not only because of the spanglish in which Chanel sings. The record company BMG has put all the meat on the grill for the first song by the Cuban-Spanish and has had top-tier professionals from the American entertainment industry. To begin with, the demanding choreography is performed by Kyle Hanagami, a Los Angeles choreographer responsible for many dances of the Korean Blackpink, the video clip That’s What Love Is of Justin Bieber, the surprise performance of Tearin’ Up My Heart from NSYNC with Ariana Grande at Coachella 2019 or the Las Vegas residencies of Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears. And the same thing happens with music production.

The chorus in Spanish from Romania, the French Tanxugueiras or the symbolism of Ukraine: our favorites from Eurovision (besides Chanel)

Up to five authors appear accredited as authors of SloMo, the main one being Leroy Sánchez, who already signed last year the Spanish proposal in the International Eurovision Song Contest performed by Blas Cantó (the theme was called I’m going to stay, for those who do not remember). And it is that, this 30-year-old from Alava based in Los Angeles He has worked to date, above all, with national artists such as Malú, Antonio José, Álex Ubago or Lali Espósito. However, Pitbull and Machine Gun Kelly (yes, Megan Fox’s fiancé) break this list.

Along with his, the other name on that list of authors that has more weight in the final result is that of the American producer Keith Harris. The figure of this piece of gear in the creation of a song is present throughout the process and is largely responsible for how a song or album ends up sounding.

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The producer, in this case Harris together with the Dutch duo Guardians of the Frequencies, controls the recording sessions in the studio; instructs and guides performers during recording; gathers ideas and drives creativity and oversees recording, mixing, and mastering.

Thus, Keith Harris is the shady man behind some ten Grammy-winning singles and hits. In addition, he has worked as a musical director on tours for Backstreet Boys, Fifth Harmony or Meghan Trainor, among others, and even participated in the film La La Land. So it well deserves a playlist with the songs of international stars that it has produced and liven up the pre-Eurovision (as well as see how far our Chanel could go).

Britney Spears: Fragrance

Nicki Minaj: grand-piano

Fergie: Life Goes On

Madonna: gang bang

User: Looking 4 Myself

The Black Eyed Peas: imma be

The Black Eyed Peas: Meet Me Halfway

Mariah Carey: Heat

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