the exclusive guest list for Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee

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Start the countdown to the great celebration of the British Royal Familyscheduled for early June. However, in mid-May there will already be some commemorative events that will serve to whet your appetite. Beyond being something formal and protocol, Isabel II (96 years old) has wanted to put a point celebrities to your big party.

Among the VIP guests at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, names from the cinema and music stand out. Elton John (75), Tom Cruise (59), Ed Sheeran (31) or george ezra (28) are some of them. Furthermore, there are chances that the spice girls gather to congratulate His Majesty.

The first big act is scheduled for May 15, during the traditional Royal Windsor Horse Showwhich will feature a show called Galloping through history that will reflect Elizabeth II’s love for horses. Participating in it are none other than 1,300 artists, 500 horses and also renowned actors who will review the history of the English monarchy in different performances.

The British Royal Family at Trooping The Color 2018.

The British Royal Family at Trooping The Color 2018.


Tom Cruise has been invited to participate in this event, as has Helen Mirren (76), who already played Elizabeth II in The Queen and now he will do it again on stage. The show will last about 90 minutes and will be broadcast live by the ITV network. It is striking that the state-run BBC was not chosen, but the Windsors have been in an open dispute with the network since November of last year over the broadcast of a documentary about the relationship between the Royal House and the press. This has led the sovereign to also work with the competition on some occasions, thus giving them a touch of attention.

The highlight of the Platinum jubilee will come between June 2 and 5 and It won’t be the family photo at Buckingham Palace. with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their children, since Elizabeth II has finally decided not to appear, as they are not active members of the Royal House.

Aware, perhaps, that his presence would monopolize all the media attention and divert attention from what is truly important, he has preferred that Harry (37) and Megan (40) remain in the shadows, although they will be present at the different events that are going to take place. The first, the traditional military parade Trooping the Colorwhich will be followed by a church service at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London attended by the entire Windsor.

Elizabeth II at The Royal Windsor Horse Show 2021.

Elizabeth II at The Royal Windsor Horse Show 2021.


The famous will make an appearance again on Saturday, June 4, when a great concert called Platinum Party in front of Buckingham Palace, which more than 20,000 people can attend free of charge, after registering on the website. Among the artists who will perform at the grand finale, Ed Sheeran, one of the biggest names in British music, could not be missing. Also his compatriot, George Ezra, who is enthusiastic about the invitation: “I cannot express how excited I am to be part of Queen’s Platinum Jubilee concert, it is an incredible honor.”

They will not be the only ones, as published The Sun, Elton John Y Stevie wonder (71) will also perform that night. In addition, the name of Dua Lipa (26). But, without a doubt, the most talked about party would be the appearance of the Spice Girls reunited again in honor of the Queen, although surely without the presence of victoria beckham (48).

(More information: The Duke of Edinburgh, ‘present’ at Elizabeth II’s Platinum Juble: the beautiful tribute of his granddaughter Louise)

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