The day Tom Holland was more sensual than Rihanna herself dancing: VIDEO – El Heraldo de Juárez

Tom Holland He remains one of the most acclaimed young actors on the big screen, thanks to his popularity in movies Marvel Studios and that catapulted him further into the taste of the world with his role as peter parker in of spider-man Y avengers.

But he is not only passionate about acting, he made it more than clear during his participation in the program. ‘Lip Sync Battle’ where she played the famous singer from Barbados, Rihanna.

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In its more than two minutes, Tom Holland was applauded by the public for the acrobatics and movements put into the performance of the song ‘umbrella‘ made in a chapter of ‘Lip Sync Battle’ of 2020.

He steals the show from Zendaya

Although in the American musical comedy program the British actor participated together Zendayahe took the show for his great performance.

With the song ‘Singin In the Rain’, the young British man began with a tap dance dressed in a large gray suit and hat with movements supported by an umbrella.

But the surprise was when Tom Holland reappeared dressed as a woman in a tight black suit with white lace to start his second song.

Zendaya also showcased her unrivaled dance talent as she participated in the performance to Bruno Mars’ song ’24K Magic’.

‘Lip Sync Battle’: lip sync battles

The show ‘Lip Sync Battle’ was hosted in 2015 under the condition of LL Cool J and Chrissy Tengo and in which they have invited celebrities to compete with songs of their choice under the performance of piercing and lip sync and broadcasted through from Paramount Network.

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