The best gift is company, give mom a movie night with Studio Universal

If you don’t have much budget to give mom an HP laptop or a Samsung galaxy cell phone, don’t worry, mom values ​​simple things like a treasure, your company this May 10 will become the best gift for mom with this night of movies at Studio Universal.

Universal Studio mom gift

Universal Studio prepared two ideal films to enjoy on this Mother’s Day. It’s laughter time with mom with these two fun productions.

This girl is a mess

In this hilarious comedy, Amy (Amy Schumer) She is the typical woman who distrusts men, due to the influence of her father, who does not believe in monogamy. Amy is dedicated to going out and conquering as many men as possible without having a serious relationship. Everything changes until her work as a writer in a magazine, she must write a report on the athlete’s doctor Aaron. (Bill Hader). Amy falls madly in love with the doctor and her love life for the first time takes an unexpected turn.

Enjoy it this Tuesday May 10th at 8 PM

Unexpected Vacation

After losing their jobs, Meg and Kate (Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton), two lifelong friends, decide to take a trip together to Florida to start from scratch. But their friendship is put to the test when they both meet and fall in love with the same man on the plane they are traveling on. Little by little this great friendship will begin to weaken until it becomes an implacable rivalry.

Enjoy it this Tuesday May 10th at 10:15 PM

We invite you to spend a moment in a movie so that you and your mom can enjoy these two comedies that Studio Universal has prepared for this Mother’s Day.

Give mom the best gift with Studio Universal, your company on a night of fun movies.

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