The beauty of Billie Eilish’s recycled dress at the Met Gala 2022

Billie Eilish returns for the second time to Met Gala and proposes a dress made with entirely recycled fabrics by Alessandro Michele and the Gucci maison.

There circular fashion is an increasingly constant reality, even on the red carpet, and to represent it at the Met Gala is Billie Eilish. The singer, fresh from a very important victory at the Oscars for the 007 soundtrack, once again participated in the Met Gala with a fully recycled dress made by Gucci.

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish. Credits: Instagram / Gucci

The singer had ignited the champagne-colored carpet of the previous edition wearing a powder-colored tulle dress. It consisted of a fluffy skirt and a stiff bodice with a sweetheart neckline, which was very reminiscent Marilyn Monroe. A look that quickly became iconic, hard to beat, yet Billie Eilish is back at Met Gala underlining an important theme such as the circular fashion.

Billie Eilish al Met Gala proposes a recycled look

Many stars took part in the event that, every year, comes to life in New York to celebrate the start of the exhibition set up at the Metropolitan Museum of Art from New York City. The dress code this year has focused attention on the theme of Gilded Glamor, aimed at extolling the American golden age. And Billie Eilish came up with an idea of ​​her all of her, pointing to the fashion upcycling with a totally recycled maison dress Gucci.

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish. Credits: Instagram / Gucci

It’s about a custom creationmade with existing fabrics to avoid further waste, one of the biggest flaws in the fashion system. The bodice is fitted, as it was made in the years of Gilded Age, and features a maxi flower in the center of the chest. The dress is in satin, ivory color, and features lace sleeves with floral embroidery in a pastel green shade, which recalls the fantasy of the underskirt. Billie Eilish’s desire for this edition of the Met Gala was to be “as eco-friendly as possible“. And it was to help her in the enterprise Alessandro Michele. The platform shoes were also made with vegan materials. The structure of the dress follows the trend of Regencycoreinspired to the Age of Regency relaunched by Bridgerton. The dress, in fact, supports a hyper-feminine silhouette with corset, lace and floral decorations.

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish. Credits: Instagram / Gucci

And if Billie Eilish’s outfit is familiar to you, it means that you, too, like Diet Prada and many web users, you have a well trained eye in art history. In fact, it seems that the inspiration for this look from Met Gala 2022 you come from a painting from John Singer Sargenta well-known artist towards the end of the 19th century who made a painting by Madame Paul Poirson. The singer isn’t the only celebrity to have caught attention at the Met Gala. Also Kim Kardashian proposed a dress already worn by Marilyn Monroe in the 60s.

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