The Avatar logo: The meaning of water brings with it a new controversy about the font used

From the “Papyrus” to the kern, it seems trouble has haunted the Avatar logo since 2009. The sense of water has fans complaining about the new logo.

New designs, old problems. Yesterday the first trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water (Avatar (The Way of Water), the ambitious film by james cameron which will arrive next December.

It is, of course, the first sequel to Avatar, the 2009 film that currently occupies the throne among the highest-grossing films in history.

Many of you may not be aware of this fact, but the original Avatar logo generated quite a few taunts over the years. The original design was made with the Papyrus fonta standard typeface that received little change.

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Even Ryan Gosling made fun of it in a skit on Saturday Night Live, pretending the movie’s logo designer highlighted the word Avatar and randomly selected the Papyrus font.

Later, Avatar completely changed its logo. Any resemblance to the Papyrus font was removed, thereby ending the controversy… or so they hoped.

After knowing the design of the logo of Avatar: The sense of water, many fans with tables in the world of typography have pointed out that, although the logo has eliminated the Papyrus font, hasn’t fixed the old “kern” problemthe negative space between letters does not correspond throughout the logo.

The most obvious case is found between the two final letters: it gives the feeling that, instead of “AVATAR”, it says “AVATA R”. Many have pointed out that this is a serious mistake, especially for a million-dollar movie like Avatar: Sense of Water.

It remains to be seen if James Cameron’s team remedy this problem that, while it doesn’t ruin the movie experience, is hard not to see when you already know him or if you work in the world of design.

Avatar: The Sense of Water is scheduled to hit theaters around the world on December 16, 2022. It will be the first of several installments in which we will continue to explore the different environments of Pandora.

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