The Argentine Ángel de Brito told the reasons why he rejected the proposal to be part of Channel 12’s La Máscara

Since at the premiere of Who is the mask?last Thursday, the first unmasked participant was revealed and it turned out to be the Mexican singer Cristian Castro, it was clear to viewers that in Channel 12 talent show any international figure can appear. The investigators’ bets also seem to go that way: during the first program, the jury in charge of “investigating” the participants launched names like Sofía Vergara, Chayanne and even Maluma.

That is why in the last days the one who was involved in the conversation of the program was the Argentine entertainment journalist Ángel de Brito. In a question session in the stories of his Instagram account, a user asked the channel of Los Angeles in the morning if he was one of those who hid under the costumes of the TV program.

“I have a feeling that you are one of the masked men in ‘the Uruguay mask,'” wrote De Brito’s follower. “They offered me to be a participant and jury, but the recordings are daily and in Uruguay. Impossible,” said the communicator.

Who is the mask? It is the great bet of Channel 12 for 2022a successful international format that has been tried abroad and that had its premiere in Uruguay last Tuesday.

The program, which is led by Maxi of the Crossproposes a talent contest in which celebrities from different areas participate who must go on stage wearing masks and costumes that do not allow their identities to be known.

The program’s research team is made up of dancer and choreographer Emir Abdul Gani, journalist Sofía Rodríguez, model and DJ Patricia Wolf, and singer Fabian “Fata” Delgado.

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