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american actress Emma Stone and Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos teamed up again for a silent and dark short film, shot in black and white on a windswept Greek island.

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The film Bleat addresses the death and necrophilia and is inspired by the rugged landscapes of the island of Tinos. This is the duo’s first collaboration since their 2019 Oscar nominations for The Favourite. This new 30-minute short film, in which French actor Damien Bonnard also stars, is screened in Athens for its world premiere.

It was shot in February 2020 on top of the hills of Tinos, a large arid island northeast of Athens, where goats feature prominently. “The landscape itself and the atmosphere that prevails were the first inspiration”, explained Lanthimos, stressing that for this film he wanted “total silence”, broken only by orchestral music.
The short film It takes place mostly in a traditional Greek house and is totally mute, something Emma Stone enjoyed. “If I could work alone in silence, it would be a delight.”

“Overall, I think restrictions can help create something. When you have too many media at your disposal, you can easily get lost.”
Emma Stone plays a young widow who organizes a wake for her late husband in a house, adopting an unorthodox method of mourning, in a film that mixes elderly matrons, nudity and sex. Most of the people who appear in the film are inhabitants of Tinos without any professional experience as actors.

Three time Oscar nominee Yorgos Lanthimos He is remembered for disturbing films such as The Lobster (2015), Fang (2009) and The Sacrifice of the Sacred Deer (2017).

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