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The Dropout is the new miniseries created by Elizabeth Meriwether from the ABC News podcast of the same name about the real case of Elizabeth Holmes.

The Dropout easily falls into the category of true stories so incredible that no Hollywood screenwriter would have thought of them as a fictional subject: we’re talking about Elizabeth Holmes (played by Amanda Seyfried), who after dropping out of college – hence the title of the podcast and the series – founded in 2003 Theranos (a mix of “therapy” and “diagnostic”), a medical technology company whose self-proclaimed strength was that it could run blood tests from smaller-than-normal samples. This reputation led Theranos to be highly valued on the stock market, and Holmes herself to be a young billionaire, until further investigation began into the company’s alleged exploits and the extent to which Holmes and his partner, ‘Sunny’ Balwani (Naveen Andrews) were aware of the misrepresentations to clients and investors.

The miniseries reconstructs all this quite directly, tracing almost two decades of deception and subterfuge, the consequences of which are still being felt: the trial of both is still ongoing, and in the United States, businesswomen have problems finding financing for their projects, given Holmes’ history.

The Dropout,' Hulu series about Elizabeth Holmes, questions Silicon Valley myths

The series is primarily written by Elizabeth Meriwether, the creator of new-girlwhile the director of the first episodes is Michael Showalter, recently behind the camera of another project based on a grotesque true story, The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Two more than valid ingredients for what is the portrait of a charismatic woman with many skeletons in her closet, with a cut that mixes laughter, tension and moments of horror as the circle narrows around the lies, already revealed early in the show but scattered enough to give us, as viewers, the benefit of the doubt that goes against logic.

'The Dropout' Review: Hulu Show Is A Decent Take On Theranos Story - PeliSeries - Peliculas y Series

The Dropoutt is a laugh-you-can’t-cry thriller at various points, taking increasingly shocking twists and turns, entrusted to claustrophobic close-ups of a dizzying supporting cast (to name just a few: Stephen Fry, Michael Ironside, Laurie Metcalf), prestigious actors at the service of a dark chapter in the recent history of the United States (already recounted in the form of a documentary by Alex Gibney for HBO). A chapter that is shocking because of the way everyone fell in the presence of Holmes, who cited Yoda but soon revealed himself as Palpatine. Once the wheels are in motion, it’s hard to resist the urge to jump right into the next episode, enthralled by this unlikely story that has to be true.

Where to see The Dropout?

The complete miniseries is available on Star+.

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