the accusations of a former collaborator

Storm up Shakira. A former collaborator of the Colombian singer made some burning revelations about the partner of Gerard Piqué, Barcelona defender. The woman, a certain Cristina Cardenas, brought to light alleged background and anecdotes unknown to date that cast shadows on one of the most loved and appreciated pop stars in the world.

In an interview for Spanish TV, Shakira’s former aide admitted that working with the 45-year-old is not easy at all. Cristina has collaborated on three video clips of the singer-songwriter: an experience that, apparently, would have turned out to be harder and more difficult than expected. So much so as not to repeat it in the future.

According to Cardenas it would be It is strictly forbidden to speak with Shakira on the set of her video clips, unless she is the one who opens the conversation directly. It would even be forbidden to look into her eyes and take out your cell phone and take photos or videos of the Latin music diva.

“You can’t look her in the eye. You have to turn around when she passes by, no one can have a cell phone on the set and photograph her and if a more exuberant girl appears, she is kicked out of the shoot “

“She is rude and bossy”, Cristina reiterated on the small screen. According to the story of the latter, Shakira would be rather self-centered, enough to remove an extra or other more talented dancer. “If he understands that another can obscure it, he immediately kills it”the witness specified.

According to the statements of Cristina Cardenas, Shakira would have brought more desperate than a director: the singer would be too petulant and perfect and this would lead to shooting a video clip for more hours than necessary. “In Spain nobody wants to work with you anymore”Cristina specified.

Shakira’s reaction

At the moment no statement has arrived from Shakira, who has been for ten years is divided between Miami and Barcelona. After the 2010 World Cup in Africa, the singer moved to Spain for the love of the footballer Piqué, whom she met during the sporting event and with whom she had two children: Milan and Sasha.

A strong and solid love that has not yet been formalized with a wedding. In an interview Shakira explained that she is not interested in showing off the white dress and that she prefers to renew her love for the footballer day after day, without the help of any contract.

To bind them forever, therefore, i little Milan and Sasha, who are very devoted to both parents. In particular, the former seems to have inherited the passions of mum and dad, on the one hand music on the other sport. Shakira and Piqué’s eldest son is only 9 years old but he is already a child prodigy.

The relationship with the press

Not only Cristina Cardenas, the testimony of a Spanish journalist. It seems that Shakira does not have a good relationship with the Iberian press and that she is very tense and nervous when she is forced to do interviews.

Shakira, it must be remembered, is one of the richest pop stars in the world. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she can boast of $ 300 million worth of assets, which places her in second place among the richest Latin singers and 25th in the world.

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