the 10 specialties that have already sold out

Applicants to the MIR 2022.

The eleventh session of the allocation of MIR vacancies for access to Specialized Health Training (FSE) 2022 has been marked by the four specialties that have managed to fill the quota offered for this call: Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, Neurosurgery, Otorhinolaryngology Y Urology. Thus, with these four new additions to the list of complete areas, the process is accelerated and the number of specialties that have assigned all their vacancies rises to 10.

According to the list shared by the Ministry of Health, Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology has handed over the last of its 280 places to the 4,007th applicant, who will take possession of it at the San Agustín de Linares Hospital. In the case of Neurosurgerythe process for awarding 51 places has been closed with doctor 4,292, who will be trained at the University Hospital of Jaén.

Otorhinolaryngology has assigned the last of its 102 places to 4,081 at the Don Benito Villanueva De La Serena Hospital, while the award of Urologywith 131 slots available at the beginning of the process, has ended with the award of 4,381, which will be residency in the Segovia Assistance Complex.

What MIR specialties are close to being exhausted?

The next specialty to fill the quota could be Radiodiagnosis, which has managed to award 99 percent of the offer. Specifically, with 18 new assignments on the eleventh day, only three vacancies in this specialty are available, which started with an initial offer of 272 places. Along these same lines, with 98 percent occupancy, is Digestive system. And it is that, after having been awarded to 12 doctors this Tuesday, only four places are free.

Obstetrics and Gynecology has managed to deliver 97 percent of the offer, out of a total of 276, having delivered 27 more places. Likewise, with 94 percent of the offer completed, Pediatrics and Specific Areas could also complete the process in the coming days. In this last session, in which Health has summoned order numbers 4,001 – 4,400, they have delivered 51 placesso there are 32 available.

Other specialties that present high percentages of occupation are Angiology and Vascular Surgery (88 percent); Pediatric Surgery (83 percent); General and digestive surgery (80 percent); Neurology (89 percent); Y Medical Oncology (77 percent).

In the case of Family and Community Medicine, the specialty with the most vacancies offered, 35 places have been delivered on this day, for which an occupancy rate of 8 percent has been reached. However, 2,147 places do not have an owner.

Furthermore, after 11 days of assignment, only two areas have not been released. Is about Work Medicinewhich continues to maintain the initial offer of 107 places intact, and Medical Biochemistrywith its five available slots.

According to the Ministry of Health in the daily report, in the last 24 hours they have been sent 23 queries to the CAU-Services of the applicants of the degree of Medicine. All those related to the candidates summoned in the session of May 10 have been successfully closed before the election period.

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