Taylor Swift fans are convinced that the pop star will announce 2 more songs on May 13th

Fans of Taylor Swift have shown several times that they are able to anticipate the pop star’s moves and according to some clues left by Swift on social media it would seem that the singer, on Friday 13 Maywill release two new songs.

Taylor Swift, in addition to her skills as a singer, songwriter and actress, she quite often enjoys leaving easter egg, or small clues in his music, interviews and social media posts.

What started out as a nice way to connect with her fans by leaving hidden messages in her album lyrics has grown into a larger operation that has involved more aspects of her career.

In this way his fans follow everything he does, even why, for Taylor Swift the simplest thing could actually hide a double meaning. In fact, recently, she stated that she had published a photo of seven palm trees on the day she finished her seventh album, Lover, even before this was announced.

The hints and clues circulating these days concern the new songs that are part of his new album.

To date, his version of Fearless followed by Redalong with several new tracks.

The Swifties, so are the fans of Taylor Swift, they are sure though that Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) or 1989 (Taylor’s Version) may be released together soon.

The clues launched by Taylor Swift

According to the fans, therefore, Taylor Swift could release, in a few days, two new songs and one of the first clues launched by the pop star arrives in April 2021, when the Swift is hosted in The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

On the surface, it looked like that Taylor was there to promote his version of “Hey Stephen”, taken from his album Fearlessbut the most attentive fans noticed that more than an interview it was a real sketch full of easter egg related to upcoming engagements and songs.

During the sketch, mention a fake address first, “513 West 54th St.” and then remembers the birthday of Colbert, which is precisely the May 13.

Also a few days ago, after releasing his single, “This Love (Taylor’s Version)” originally written in 1989he wrote in a post on Instagram of star reliving the 1989 touranother clue that his fans immediately grasped.

As for the clues relating to the probable release of Speak Now, Taylor seems to have used the price of the album to signal something.

Red (Taylor’s Version) in fact, it was on sale for $ 20.10 and had the lyrics written in purple, so fans linked this detail to the song Speak Noworiginally released in 2010 and which featured her wearing a purple dress on the cover.

These and many other clues have been published on major social networks such as Instagram or Twitter from the same Taylor Swift which thus keeps the curiosity of all his fans on about his upcoming releases.

And you, what do you think of the clues left by Taylor Swift? Do you believe it will release new songs on May 13? Leave a comment!

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