Sharon Stone charges Meryl Streep: “She is overrated”

The talent and all the successes that Meryl Streep has achieved throughout her extensive career in Hollywood are indisputable. The actress herself has more than twenty Oscar nominations where she managed to win the statuette until her three times. However, Sharon Stone does not seem to agree with popular opinion when considering that the protagonist of ‘The Bridges of Madison’ “is overrated” and that thanks to this she has always enjoyed great privileges in the film industry. Some statements that are already going around the world.

Sharon Stone recently gave an interview to the Everything Zoomer medium where she did not cut herself when charging against her colleague. The actress of ‘Basic Instinct’ was dispatched at ease regarding Meryl Streep: “The business has set up for us all to envy and admire her because only Meryl can be the good one. And everyone should compete with her, ”she begins by saying. “I think she is a wonderfully terrific woman and actress, but in my opinion, there are other actresses just as talented as her,” she adds. Stone has wanted to refer to other great Hollywood actresses such as Olivia Colman, Emma Thompson, Judy Davis, Kate Winslet, “but when you say Meryl Streep the whole world falls to the ground”.

The interpreter goes so far as to affirm that she is a much better villain than Streep. “I’m sure she would say so herself. She wouldn’t have done well in ‘Basic Instinct’ or ‘Casino’. I did better, I know it, and she knows it”, she says emphatically. “We’re all conditioned to think that only Meryl is amazing,” he says. The strong statements of the actress are not leaving anyone indifferent where even the most specialized film critics have had to position themselves on one side or another. Some moviegoers do not agree that a colleague attacks another of the guild publicly while others have come out in defense of Meryl Streep praising her great work as an actress.

Meryl Streep’s worst work experience

Meryl Streep has recently revealed that she felt “miserable” when she played Miranda Priestly in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ in 2006. The actress, who has always been very grateful for the roles she has had to play, explains that he did not like this character at all and described the experience as terrible. “It was horrible! I felt miserable in my trailer. I could hear everyone swaying and laughing, ”admits the American in an interview for Entertainment Weekly.

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