Salary ranking: here is the top ten of the highest paid footballers

The 2021-2022 season is about to go on file and it is time to take stock for the teams and for the players. There are those who have won and those who have disappointed expectations, like Lionel Messi to PSG or Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United. These two phenomena of world football, however, despite the almost 35 and 37 years are still two of the highest paid but there are those who closely follow them and who have the age on their side compared to the Argentine and the Portuguese.

The top 10 in salaries

1) Lionel Messi is still the highest paid footballer in the world by his club, the Psg. 75 million euros per season, for two years, earned him the primacy even if Cristiano Ronaldo is ahead of him if we also consider the sponsors and not just the “salary”. The 34-year-old from Rosario, however, has disappointed expectations with PSG which has indeed won the title of France but which has failed for the umpteenth year the assault on the Champions League. Few goals for the former Barcelona who despite this has brought home a considerable amount.

2) In second place in this special ranking is Messi’s great friend and teammate, Neymar which until 30 June 2023 will receive 50 million euros. The same goes for the Argentine even if the Brazilian with the sponsors is positioned both behind the Pulce and CR7.

3) On the podium of the highest paid he certainly could not miss Cristiano Ronaldo who with his two-year contract signed with Manchester United manages to reach 70 million euros per season but only with bonuses. This makes him the highest paid player in the Premier League despite 37 years and a highly underwhelming season of him and the Red Devils not even qualifying for the Champions League.

4) Erling Braut Haaland he is about to sign a rich contract with Manchester City: 30 million euros per year are ready for him, while 75 million euros will end up in the coffers of Borussia Dortmund (value of the release clause). With the bonuses, the Norwegian striker class 2000 could even surpass CR7.

5) Fifth place still briefly for Kylian Mbappé which currently receives 28 million euros from the PSG. Compared to Messi and Neymar, his season has been positive and in a month he will either renew at record figures with the Parisians or he will move to Real Madrid thus becoming the highest paid in the world.

6) Paul Pogba he will expire in June with United but up to now he has brought home 27 million euros per season and this since his farewell to Juventus in 2016. The Frenchman could also return to Juventus but hardly the figures currently received.

7) Robert Lewandowski is about to say goodbye to Bayern Munich after fantastic and satisfying years and more. His € 27 million salary testifies to his strength and importance to him even if this year the disappointment of being eliminated from Villarreal in the Champions League remains. However, the Pole remains one of the best strikers around.

8) At the end of the year he will release himself from Real Madrid: it is about Gareth Bale who has received 26 million euros a year in all these years between Blancos and Tottenham, on loan. The Welsh comes from bad seasons but despite this “very rich”

9) Eden Hazard he positions himself more or less like the teammate. The Belgian, however, since his arrival in Madrid has never managed to leave his mark and this in spite of the 26 million euros of the season.

10) He has been one of the best in the world for years but he is not the first in the salary category: Momo Salah has just renewed to 25 million per season, closing at least the top ten. The Egyptian could win his second Champions League career perhaps taking revenge on that Real Madrid that took it away from him in 2018.

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