Reason why Pat MacAfee named The Fiend at WWE WrestleMania Backlash

During the last great PPV WWE WrestleMania Backlash there have been many WWE news that have highlighted the role of one of the main commentators. So much so that star commentator Pat MacAfee himself has been involved after making a reference to a fired fighter within the company.

Reason why they named The Fiend

If you watched the event with the comments in English, you could see that at one point Pat was asking if The Fiend was sitting in the front row. Something that has attracted a lot of attention because the former WWE fighter Bray Wyatt was released on July 31, 2021. Unexpected news for the entire universe that saw the horror of the departure of a great star.

The fighter earned around four million euros per year. He was one of the main merchandise sellers. Among the rumors were psychological problems due to the death of his friend Brodie Lee. A very hard blow within the company itself and the world of wrestling that saw the unexpected death of a great star.


Wyatt’s final story with WWE is not yet closed as they have been interested in hiring his services but with a lower amount of money to hire him. The reason for the appointment was the tribute made by a young fan who wore her mask and was in the front row watching the PPV itself.

We still don’t know if the comment could have upset Vince since reference has been made to a fighter who is outside the company. In social networks it has been taken as a positive comment. It is not the first that Pat says and creates controversy. Surely in that aspect he has some freedom to connect much more with the WWE public.

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