Movistar Plus+ adds 6 new channels to its dial


Clic channels are shuttle channels that offer a selection of outstanding films within the genres they representand are located starting at dial 200. Dial 29 maintains the generic Clic Cine shuttle channel.

these channels They are only available for customers with the cinema package and who have the Movistar+ UHD decoderthe most modern offered by the company to its fiber and ADSL customers, and which allows, among other things, the playback of content in Ultra High Definition (UHD) or the use of applications such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video or DAZN.

The Clic channels that have changed are Oscar to film and director, which now becomes Click Children’s animation, Click Matt Damon happens to be Click Spies, Click Women change to Click Tom Hardy, Click Fashion and cinema now it’s Click Actresses: classic cinemaClick Very Capable becomes Click Actresses: Modern Classics and Click Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez happens to be Clic Western yesterday and today.

The dial of the Clic channels in Movistar+ is as follows:

(Dial 200) Click Children’s animation (Animation for the youngest at a Click)
(Dial 201) Click Spies (International espionage at a click)
(Dial 202) Click Tom Hardy (Tom Hardy, a great and versatile actor)
(Dial 203) Clic French comedy (French laughter at a click)
(Dial 204) Click in time of war (The war and its consequences in a movie click)
(Dial 205) Click Actresses: classic cinema (Actresses who marked time: classic cinema)
(Dial 206) Click Actresses: Modern Classics (Actresses who marked time: modern classics)
(Dial 207) Click Adapted Books (Recent literary adaptations at a click)
(Dial 208) Clic Horror Movies (A scary click, very scary)
(Dial 209) Clic Western yesterday and today (The best cinema in the West in one click)

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