Minecraft: Will there be a new dimension in Minecraft? A streamer claims he has evidence

HIt has been 11 years since the world saw for the first time Minecraftthe game that allows you to build your own game, while interacting with lore from a world that seems more special than you first thought, with people, good and bad creatures, climate and different strata in the world to explore. Of course, however broad it may be, in 11 years the players can already boast of having found “everything”. Unless Mojang have plans to expand this world, and according to a streamer, that’s the idea.

How was the “new dimension” of Minecraft discovered?

Phillip “Ph1LzA” Watson is a popular Minecraft streamer who claims to have found a complete disc with preliminary information on this supposed renewal of the game. And it also ensures that is legitimatebecause the disc is part of the 1.19 update of the game. Ph1LzA paid particular attention to the entire soundtrack (which is no small effort) and seems to have heard several tracks that are not part of the current gameplay. There are so many that he began to formulate the theory that they are probably part of something “larger”.

What does 22w16a mean in Minecraft?

in the edit snapshot of Java, this is the name given to the musical catalog that sounds throughout the game. Since the end of January, Mojang started testing new music that will be part of “The Savage Update”as they have called it, and this musical catalog is available to all crafters have already downloaded the update.

What would this new dimension of Minecraft look like?

In accordance with Ph1LzAhe considers that he will have something to do “with ancient cities”. According to the streamer, it makes sense that it would be something saved by wardenfor he is too strong and puts too much effort into preventing you from continuing your way through his domain, what is beyond them? Probably a lost civilization. Sure, Ph1LzA figured that out from the new sounds, like a door, people coughing, heartbeats and footsteps.

When will the new dimension come to Minecraft?

Well, that all depends on whether or not this is real. all these are conjectures of Ph1LzA. The update is real, but where the content goes is something more ambiguous, although not impossible. “It has to be true” the streamer keeps repeating, but what do you think? Minecraft hasn’t stopped receiving new content since its launch and it’s still holding out as one of the leading games on both Twitch and consoles in the world. Do you think a new dimension will come?

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