Messi in Arabia: PSG takes note, Amnesty International does not like

Sitting on a boat, staring at the horizon. Lionel Messi has posted a photo of him on his Instagram profile, where he is happy to “discover the Red Sea”. This post is also accompanied by the hashtag #VisitSaudi. It’s not a casuality. As reported by the Le Parisienthe Argentine has been named tourism ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

RELATIONSHIPS – As is well known, relations between Qatar and Arabia, although the tension has cooled considerably in recent years, are not yet idyllic. The two countries remain rivals both economically and geopolitically for the supremacy of the area. The reports the statements of Ahmed Al-Khatib, Minister of Tourism, to the Saudi newspaper Al Riyad: “Today I welcome Lionel Messi and his friends to Saudi Arabia for a special holiday. This is not his first visit to the Kingdom, nor will it be his last, and I am happy to announce Messi as the ambassador of Saudi tourism. “The discovery of Messi’s connection with Saudi Arabia did not surprise the leaders of the Parisian club already informed Since the beginning of the season of this project Although relations between Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been strained in recent years, PSG has always sought to bring about a rapprochement with the neighboring country.

Controversies – In short, Messi could be a further step towards the thaw as explained by David Rigoulet-Roze, researcher at the IRIS (Institute of International and Strategic Relations). “The announcement may seem surprising because there has been a latent antagonism between Qatar and Saudi Arabia since June 2017 and which is now reflected in a” soft power “competition, but the extent of the conflict with Qatar should not be overestimated. reconciliation dates back to early January 2021 when Sheikh Tamim ben Hamad Al Thani was invited to Al-Ula on the Red Sea by Crown Prince Mohamed ben Salman. ” On the other hand, those who did not like Messi’s post are Amnesty International, which has never frowned upon Arabia. The association in defense of human rights has published that it does not leave much room for interpretation: “Traveling to Saudi Arabia is one thing, but being paid to glorify the country is another. Do you really want to support this, Messi? “.

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