Kylie Jenner shares rare video of her 3-month-old son as fans ask star to finally reveal his name

KYLIE Jenner shared a rare video of her three-month-old baby celebrating Mother’s Day.

The 24-year-old gave birth to her second child with rapper Travis Scott in February.

She held her baby's small hand in a tender moment


The beauty mogul shared an ultrasound of her baby


Kylie has kept her son’s face hidden and, since changing his name from Wolf, he hasn’t revealed what his new name is.

In an ode to Mother’s Day, the reality star shared a sweet montage of moments with her son and daughter Stormi, four,

She held her son’s small hand and stroked his fingers during a tender moment in the clip.

The video also showed an ultrasound of her son, as well as her stomach moving as he kicked when she was pregnant.

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The beauty mogul wrote: “Every day should be Mother’s Day. Thank God for my two beautiful blessings ”.

Her fans flooded the comments to beg the reality star to reveal her son’s new name.

One asked, “So what’s your name now?” and another added: “Give the people what they want Ky! What’s his name? “

Kylie revealed earlier this year that she and Travis changed their son’s name from Wolf because they felt he didn’t “look like him.”

Kylie has shared a more sincere side with fans since giving birth to her son.

The Hulu star was recently praised for showing her “stretch marks and extra weight” on her body after giving birth.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum was lauded for “normalizing normal bodies” when she shared a photo of her stomach with her son’s feet resting on it.


Her fans took to a Kardashian Reddit thread to praise her for sharing the reality of bodies after giving birth.

One wrote: “As a mom, I love the rawness of this photo. The tight skin, the postpartum belly, the little extra weight. I love it”.

Another added: “I love that he posted this. Normalize normal bodies “.

“For women who have such large platforms, this is the kind of content we need from them! I love him so much!” a third party sent.


Kylie has also been open about her struggles for postpartum mental health.

In a no-makeup video, she said: “Postpartum wasn’t easy. It is very difficult. This experience was a bit more difficult for me personally than with my daughter.

“It’s not easy mentally, physically, spiritually. It was just crazy. I didn’t want to come back to life without saying it because I think we can look on the Internet.

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“And it might seem a lot easier for other people, but it wasn’t easy for me.”

Kylie revealed that she “feels better” and told other moms that “it’s okay not to be well”.

Kylie shares her son and daughter Stormi, four, with Travis Scott


She was praised for sharing an honest look at her postpartum body


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