Kim Kardashian fans think Pete Davidson hinted that LIVE secretly with the star and her four children in a $ 60 million Los Angeles mansion

PETE Davidson may be live from Los Angeles now, after fans think the comedian left a serious clue that he is secretly living with girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

During his recent stand-up comeback at the Netflix Is A Joke festival, comedian SNL snapped a few photos of Kim’s ex-husband, Kanye West, before launching into a joke about the rapper who has become the housekeeper of his lost family.

Fans think Pete moved in with Kim Kardashian and her children


“Anyone else secretly hoping that, like, Kanye will shoot like a Doubtfire lady?” Peter began.

“One day I come home and they tell me, ‘this is the new housekeeper.’ And it’s like (in Kanye’s voice) ‘What’s going on fam?’ ”

While the joke sparked big laughs, it also caused some fans to wonder if the King of Staten Island star had secretly made a mistake by saying “I’m coming home.”

On Reddit, a poster asked, “Does Pete live with Kim and the kids in Los Angeles? In a joke on the Netflix clip he mentioned “going home” to Kim.

Kim was torn for being

Kim Kardashian fans go wild after making fun of MARRIAGE plans with Pete

Rescuers said they wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case.

“He wouldn’t shock me in the least for the way they behaved,” wrote one follower.

Another fan added: “I guess you spend the night with Kim now instead of staying in (a hotel)? She is bicoastal, so she makes sense ”.

And one noted Pete’s growing absence from Saturday Night Live: “I have to wonder if he’s going to make a more permanent move to California for Kim – he’s only appeared in one SNL sketch since February (one pre-recorded at that).

And even if the “Pete goes away?” rumors follow him every season, I think this could actually be the end of his run on the show. “


Some fans think Kim may have revealed the new life situation during the Met Gala, as she famously prepared to wear Marilyn Monroe’s legendary Happy Birthday dress.

In addition to the opportunity to don the famous dress, in which Marilyn sang Happy Birthday to then-president John F. Kennedy, the reality star was also given a real lock of blonde bombshell hair.

“Oh my God,” the Kardashian star exclaimed as his jaw dropped to the ground before joking: “I’ll literally do some crazy voodoo bullshit. [to] channel it.

“This is so special to me. Thank you very much ”, she added, hugging the company representatives.

As she carefully repackaged the gift, she jokingly warned her boyfriend Pete, “Wow, this is sleeping with me every night. Sorry baby “.

Off camera, Pete could be heard saying, “Okay.”


While the couple didn’t officially announce a move date, it was recently possible to hear Pete playing with Kim’s kids as he watched his Hulu fan-eyed Hulu show.

One shared his Instagram Stories video on Reddit and wrote: “Call me crazy but I hear a certain Staten Island voice in the background !!!”

Pete also spent a lot more time in Los Angeles and returned to John and Vinny’s; one of their favorite Italian rods – kissing this time, on Instagram.

“Late Night Snack,” Kim captioned her wild post on the PDA.

Pete and Kim’s romance has been going strong since they began dating in October 2021, with the couple even heading off on a tropical vacation earlier in the year.

They made their official duo debut at The Kardashians premiere and held hands when they arrived.

However, Pete avoided posing on the red carpet with Kim, who admitted being in front of the cameras “isn’t for him.”

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It gushed for the King Of Staten Island actor in a ABC News prime time special with Robin Roberts.

“I’m definitely a girl in a relationship, and I wouldn’t be with someone if I didn’t plan on spending a lot of time with them,” she said.

Pete may have left a hint when he referred to returning home


The comedian and the reality star are spending more and more time together at his Los Angeles mansion


Kanye lashed out at Kim and Pete's growing relationship


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