Katy Perry falls off her chair, C. Tangana cries on stage…

We share a new edition of our “10 Photos That” section with some of the photos that have most amused or surprised us on social networks.

The tribute to Amaia in Yamaguchi

The cities of Pamplona (Spain) and Yamaguchi (Japan) have been linked since 1980. Recently, Amaia has dedicated a song to the Yamaguchi park in Pamplona, ​​where she spent time as a child, and now the Pamplona park in Yamaguchi has been the that has installed a dedication to Amaia. El País has confirmed the veracity of the image.

Avril Lavigne sings with Olivia Rodrigo

On her way through Canada, Olivia Rodrigo has had time to confirm that Avril Lavigne is one of her biggest influences. Specifically, the author of ‘SOUR’ has invited Avril to sing ‘Complicated’ at her concert, Avril’s hit from 2002. A whole bath of nostalgia.

C. Tangana cries on stage

El Madrileño is still on tour and, on his way through Zaragoza, he has experienced an unforgettable moment in his career: he has cried for the first time in the slime above a stage. La Tana, one of the artists invited to her table talk, is one of her favorite singers and singing ‘Pasan los dias’ with her has moved Pucho.

Katy Perry falls off her chair

Always ready to give the note, Katy Perry has recently come to the American Idol table dressed as The Little Mermaid. At one point, the singer accidentally falls off her chair and must be assisted by her panelmates. Although she with a fork is enough and left over.

Rocío Saiz and Adrià Arbona cover Malamute

Rocío Saiz is one of the protagonists of ‘My friend’s friend’, the new film by Zaida Carmona. You’ve heard Zaida sing ‘La Llamada’ with Papa Topo, and Adrià Arbona has participated in the film’s premiere in Barcelona to play with Rocío. Both offer an emotional version of ‘La spiral’ by Malamute, one of the best songs of 2020.

Charlie Puth shows his slit

At some point in 2022, Charlie Puth’s album should come out, and he has continued to unravel it with the single ‘That’s Hilarious’, which has not repeated the success of ‘Light Switch’. In this image, Charlie appears on the set of the video clip basically showing his ass crack, something he likes to do.

Lady Gaga’s pool

Like something out of a Roaring ’20s novel, Lady Gaga poses in front of a luxurious pool at a hotel in Nevada, Las Vegas. The emerald blue color of the water matches that of her bikini. The artist is in the city for her jazz concert residency, before the ‘Chromatica’ tour kicks off next July.

Dua Lipa girl

The ‘Future Nostalgia’ tour has passed through London these days. There, Dua says that her best friend from her school has given her a photo album in which she appears as a girl along with other classmates posing in a photo session. A curiosity to see Dua being the “shortest” in the class.

doja goofing around

Doja Cat’s strange humor returns to make an appearance in this new series of TikToks that only she knows what they mean. She and Aldous Harding would hit it off. In the second “slide” isn’t Doja playing the ‘Blend’ video?

Jake Shears with Rossy de Palma

The Scissor Sisters singer recently visited Madrid to attend a gala at The Madrid Edition hotel. There he has met Rossy de Palma, one of his “favorite icons”. Shears has also rubbed elbows with drag queen Bimini von Boulash, and St. Vincent has dropped by the gala for an exclusive performance.

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