Kate Middleton’s touching hidden tribute to the victims of the Manchester bombing

Kate Middleton paid a poignant hidden tribute to the victims of the 2017 Manchester bombing on Tuesday as she attended the official opening of the Glade of Light memorial garden with Prince William.

For the occasion, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, wore a delicate pair of gold honeycomb earrings surmounted by small golden bees, in homage to the victims of the attack during an Ariana Grande concert inside of the Manchester Arena. killing 22 innocent victims and injuring over 1,000.

The bee is closely associated with the city of Manchester and became a unifying symbol soon after the bombing. The Manchester City Council website stated: “The Manchester worker bee is one of Manchester’s best-known symbols and has been an emblem for the city for over 150 years. The bee denotes the Mancunians’ hard work ethic and the city is a hive of activity. It has also come to represent the sense of unity in our big city ”.

Kate Middleton Bee Manchester Bombing Earrings
Kate Middleton wore a delicate pair of gold earrings representing bees and honeycomb for a visit to the Glad of Light memorial garden dedicated to the victims of the 2017 Manchester bombing. 10 May 2022.
Samir Hussein / WireImage

Kate is known for her precision in choosing dresses for royal occasions, often paying homage to her guests through color or symbolism.

With her earrings, Kate added a Michael Kors coat dress that was first worn in 2014 at an Anzac Day shoot in Australia. This follows the rewearing pattern of her wardrobe pieces that the Duchess has expanded over the past few years.

With her outfit Kate wore a navy blue leather bag from a new Parisian favorite leather goods brand, Polène, and blue suede pumps.

The royals met with members of Manchester City Council and the victims of the 2017 bombings before William gave an opening speech.

“For Catherine and I, it is very important to be with you here today”, he began, “to remember the twenty-two lives so brutally stolen. To recognize the hundreds of lives that have been irrevocably changed and to pay tribute to the resilience of this great city.

“I remember all too well the shock and pain on the faces of those I met when I visited Manchester in the days following the atrocity. And the rawness of emotion at the Commemoration Service, held in your cathedral right here, a year later. Five years later I know that the pain and trauma experienced by many have not disappeared ”.

Kate Middleton Prince William Manchester Tribute
Kate Middleton and Prince William attended the official opening of a memorial garden dedicated to the victims of the 2017 bombing after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. May 10, 2022.
Samir Hussein / WireImage

The prince also made a touching reference to the grief he still experiences following the loss of his mother, Princess Diana, in a tragic car accident in Paris in August 1997, 25 years ago this year.

“As someone who lives with their pain,” she said, “I also know that what often matters most to mourners is that those we have lost are not forgotten.

“There is comfort in remembering. In recognizing that, although taken horribly soon, they lived. They changed our lives. They have been loved and they are loved. This is why memorials like the Glade of Light are so important. Because Catherine and I wanted so much to be with you today ”.

The Glade of Light Memorial Garden is located next to Manchester Cathedral and was created following an international design competition. In the center of the garden is a white marble sculpture of a halo with the names of those who lost their lives through it.

Prince William visited Manchester in the aftermath of the attack, as did Queen Elizabeth II who, on a rare occasion when she made her true feelings known, would tell a hospital staff member where they were being treated. the victims: “The horrible thing was that everyone was so young. Their age “and that it was” terrible “and” very evil to target that kind of thing. “

Grande, who had finished performing at the concert when a terrorist detonated the bomb, returned to Manchester in the weeks following the event to host a benefit concert with a lineup of famous supporters for the victims and their families.

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