Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard: Lawyer warns that “it will be very difficult for Johnny Depp to defend his case” against Amber Heard

ANDhe litigation that confronts the ex-marriage has taken a little breather, but the end of the conflict between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp It seems that there will be no end soon. The actor asks his ex-partner 50 million dollars for damages arising from the loss of contracts, while she sued him and claims 100 million for having promoted a smear campaign against her.

From the first day, three or four weekly sessions have been held until the last May 5, the 15th of the litigation. from there, Judge Penney Azcarate established a stop alleging personal commitments until May 16.

Attorney Vance Owen gives his reasons

The final arguments by both will be held next Friday may 27th. The CNN media took a legal look at the confrontation between the ex-partner and spoke with the lawyer vance owen, who shed some light on the actor’s situation.

“A case of defamation has four elements: the first is that there is a false statement of the person, that it is transmitted to third parties, that it is made with harmful intent and, the fourth, that causes damage to the reputation of the other”, declared Vance Owen.

The problem is to see if “the statement was made maliciously”

The lawyer places special emphasis on a peculiarity in American justice, being more difficult for a public person to prove this type of situation: “The complicated thing is that the US Supreme Court makes a distinction between public people and those who are not famous. The former have to prove an additional element, which is that the statement was made maliciously, And that’s going to be the problem for Johnny Depp,” adds Owen.

“That’s a very tricky element for Deep,” commented the lawyer. “The problem is going to be that to prove that the article she made maliciously will be very difficult for Him, because she didn’t even mention him,” Owen clarified.

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