Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) says that Robert Downey Jr. was his mentor in the MCU

Jeremy Renner, star of the new Hawkeye series, has commented that Robert Downey Jr. was his mentor throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Among all the interpreters who have passed through the Marvel Cinematic Universewithout a doubt one of the oldest has been Robert Downey who started the film franchise playing Iron Man in the film of the same name.

That is why there have been many interpreters who have had Downey Jr. as a reference throughout his stay in the films (and now series) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

One of them has been Jeremy Renneran actor who plays Hawkeye and starting tomorrow we can see him star in his own solo series at UCM through Disney Plus.

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In a recent interview for Entertainment Tonight, Renner was asked who he considered his mentor and who “helped him get started”, to which the actor replied that this person was without Robert Downey Jr., because he took both him and the rest of the cast of Avengers “under his protection”.

“I think even just in the MCU, with Downey, he kicked off the MCU the way he did with Iron Man,” Renner said. “He took all of us under his wing to guide us in a certain way. We all knew each other and we’re all friends, just, in a different way, you can lean on someone.”

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Now it is Renner himself who will act as “mentor”, since the hawk eye series introduces the actress hailee steinfeldwho plays the young archer Kate Bishop who wants to follow in the footsteps of the Avenger.

The Hawkeye series will be available in the Disney Plus catalog starting tomorrow, November 24. And very attentive to the web, because soon we will show you our impressions of the start of the series in our review.

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