Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: The Complete Story

They fell for it again, despite 20 years having passed, but this time it seems to be the right one: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are officially engaged, Once again. The couple, among the most loved in Hollywood, try again. It was she who gave the announcement to the world, who communicated to her fans the news of her future wedding in the newsletter “On The J.Lo”, to which are added the statements made by her sister reporter Lynda Lopez.

After a series of suspicions and stolen photos of J.Lo with a new big one on his finger ring with diamond, one could not help but admit what everyone already suspected. This is the second ring he receives from Ben Affleck, and the sixth in his life (quite a record). But what is the peculiarity of this ring?

All about Ben Affleck’s engagement ring for J.Lo

The symbol of their love, given to the singer by the actor, is a splendid solitaire that is worthwhile from five to ten million dollarswith embedded a 8.5 carat natural green diamond.

The choice of color? Ben Affleck based on the importance of green in the life of Jennifer Lopez, who stated in one of the previous newsletters:

“I always say that the color green is my lucky color. You may remember a certain green dress. I realized that there are many moments in my life where amazing things have happened when I was wearing this color ”.

The quote leaves no doubt, it is the Jungle Dress by Versace that Jennifer Lopez put on again in 2019 to close the fashion show, a copy of the iconic dress worn for the first time at the 2000 Grammys.

A change of color therefore for Ben Affleck which during their first engagement in November 2002 he had given the singer a pink diamond ring Winston 6.1 carat.

They have passed 20 years from that choice. There were back and forth, breakups, backfires and today another marriage proposal… But how did the story between the two stars go? Maybe not everyone remembers it, let’s retrace it together.

Bennifer: love at first sight on set and the breakup one step away from marriage

Jennifer Lopez52 years old, e Ben Affleckthree years younger, they got engaged for the first time in November 2002. A real love at first sight, born after acting together in the film. Lilies. A passion so overwhelming that it leads the pop star to formalize her relationship while she is still busy with the divorce proceedings from her second husband, the dancer Cris Judd.

Lopez is very much in love with Ben Affleck, so much so that she decides to take him into her world, that of music. The actor takes part in the video of Jenny from the Block, where the two show themselves in tender attitudes surprised by a group of paparazzi. A participation that the actor will regret years later, calling it one of the greatest remorse of him.

In July 2003 the marriage proposal arrives, complete with roses, candles and a dizzying lonely rose, but four days before the ceremony, in January 2004, the two break up.

Someone rumors that Ben was not ready for the big step, which he will instead take a year later with Jennifer Garner. He will have three children with her, before separating in 2015 and falling into a dramatic spiral of addiction, from which she will only emerge years later. The reason forannulment of marriage with J.Lo? According to their announcement: too much “media attention”.

The return of the flame and the new wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

The couple, nicknamed “Bennifer” has five children: two of Jennifer Lopez with her ex-husband Marc Anthonythree of the American actor with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

The flashback between the two stars began a year ago, when after the lockdown the two indulge in one romantic yacht vacation in France and Italyculminating in the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival for The last duel by Ridley Scott, for whom Affleck is an interpreter and screenwriter.

Seventeen years after their first relationship ended, they are together again. Lopez confides in People to have faith on holding of their love:

“We are older now, we are smarter, we have more experience, we are in different places in our lives, we have children now, and we need to be very aware of these things”

Fans of the couple have always hoped for a return of love, but the happy ending was not so obvious.

The Bennifer Hope: Why Will It Work This Time?

J.Lo has no doubts and wastes no opportunity to reiterate how strong the love with Ben is, now more than ever. During an episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show explained to the presenter:

“I don’t think anyone was more surprised than us to find each other, we never imagined that such a thing could happen. But it is a beautiful thing and we are very happy. Our love is booming, I’ve never been better. This is a truly magical moment for us “

On the other hand, as Venditti sings, “some loves do not end, they make huge turns and then they come back”. Here it is: this is precisely the case.

Orange blossoms for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: the comment to Pinocchio

He also talked about the official announcement of the wedding Pinocchio up Radio DEEJAY. Listen to the commentary here La Pina, Diego and Valentina Ricci:

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