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The Italian make-up artist has once again surprised social networks with her elaborate characterizations.

During the last weeks, the media from all over the world have covered minute by minute the legal case for defamation that involves the former couple of actors Johnny Depp Y Amber Heard.

Under this context, Lucia Pittalis (51), an Italian makeup artist who gained notoriety a few years ago for her characterizations of celebrities and political figures from around the world, once again surprised her followers with a transformation inspired by the interpreter.

Through a video that he shared on his TikTok account, the makeup artist looks identical to how Johnny Depp has been seen in the audiences, with a suit, beard and his hair taken.

Several years ago, Pittalis gained popularity on digital platforms for the characterizations he made of famous characters starring the American actor, such as the young scissors hand or the captain jack sparrow.

Lucia Pittalis, who has more than 60,000 followers on Instagram, has also personified renowned figures such as Queen Elizabeth II, Fredie Mercury, Al Pacino, Jim Morrison, among others, with her elaborate creations.

The artist began her career in 2012 and stated that the actor is her favorite to transform her face. After studying makeup in 2008 and initially working as a makeup artist, Lucia went on to teach her characterization skills in master classes.

“I love Johnny Depp’s characters and I have a lot of fun playing them, not only with the makeup, but also with the facial expressions,” Pittalis said.

Check out the amazing transformation of the Italian artist.

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