IMSS presents advances of the Well-Being Health Plan and maternal health

Zoé Robledo, director of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), presented weekly advances of the Well-Being Health Plan at President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s morning conference this Tuesday.

Before President López Obrador, the director of the IMSS took the opportunity to congratulate the mothers on Mother’s Day and highlighted the progress in operation and infrastructure in Nayarit, where 13 of 15 hospitals operate.

“We have made 87% progress. The two hospitals that are still needed are because they are still under construction, the Tepic Women’s Hospital, which we will comment on in more detail later, and the Tuxpan Comprehensive Hospital that began to be built in 2018, we remember that it was a hospital that was the product of its expansion, its remodeling due to the hurricanes that occurred that year and that it had made slow progress but now work is being done so that it is ready by the last quarter of this year In September, this Tuxpan hospital should be ready,” Robledo described.

He added that the First Level clinics in Nayarit “are already 300 out of 343” that operate; an advance of 87%. He recalled that the Wellness Plan began in April of this year in Nayarit, with health coverage also in remote regions with equipment and specialists for Gynecology, Obstetrics and Pediatrics, as well as family medicine, emergencies, general surgery and anesthesiologists.

Regarding health personnel in Nayarit, Zoé Robledo pointed out that the goal is to basicize 830 workers “of those who were on temporary contracts and who for many years were given a contract of three months, six months and others.”

“We already have 602 base workers at this time, that is also an advance of 73 percent and we are still there,” he said.

The director of the IMSS highlighted progress in the supply of medicines in the state: “In the case of Nayarit for this week this indicator is 90.6 percent.”

Regarding the advances in Tlaxcala, Zoé Robledo pointed out that 238 health workers began their hiring process to obtain an IMSS-Wellness base; 72 male and female doctors, 131 nurses and 35 paramedics. maternal healthWithin the framework of May 10, the director of the IMSS reported that every day in our country 4,383 girls and boys are born and there are 35 million Mexican mothers.

He highlighted the conclusion of the Tepic Women’s Hospital, which will have 30 beds and in its first stage, “Insabi plans to conclude it in July in order to start operations.”

Highlighting the improvement of other hospitals, Zoé Robledo pointed out that “well-managed” resources can “completely change and give more security to those who are going to become mothers.”

In the case of Durango, the director of the IMSS announced a visit to the Gómez Palacio hospital “which requires more personnel to be able to have its full potential and all its productivity.”

“And we have also been working and we are going to be in Sonora to review the health component of the two great plans: the Yaqui Justice Plan, the Cananea Justice Plan. There are health elements there and we are also going to attend to them.

“And in the case of Zacatecas there are already teams working right now, because although Zacatecas is still working on the plan to integrate the entire system, we are going to start at the Fresnillo Hospital, a new hospital that was even used for Covid and that it has to do precisely with the issue of maternal and child care,” he added.

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