How to make a flower pot in Minecraft

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In Minecraft you can count on many objects, many of them are crafted to obtain them. In the title from Mojang Studios you have a large number of options throughout the almost infinite adventure, so it is best to learn how to create objects, which in the end are very useful.

One of the easiest objects to make in Minecraft is the flowerpot, it is only necessary to have one type of material, but you will need two additional things. Pots can be a decorative productbut they have a lot of value and are increasingly seen in Minecraft.

The pot changes once you get it to put it on the ground, going from being circular to square, but it remains the same if you decide to pick it up and have it in your inventory. The pot will differ from the typical blocks by the brown and reddish hue, which is identical in appearance to a real pot.

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Decorate with pots

minecraft pot

Before going into details how to make a pot, it will serve us to decorate any part of our house, but it also does it in other places where you put it. At the end of the day, pots are used for that, to be the best decoration and accompany some areas of our daily path.

You can craft as many pots in Minecraft as you want, as long as you have the specific material to create several and you can have them in your inventory. The pot can be placed in any areabut as long as they are placed on something firm, they can also be planted in the ground.

At the time of crafting you have to have a base, an important part with which to create any type of object, including the aforementioned pot. The importance of the pot is to create as many as you can and distribute them throughout your Minecraft adventure.

How to make a flower pot

bricks laid

Let’s see how to craft a flowerpot in Minecraft, remember to have the two key elements, which are clay and carbon, which are important for many other things. You can make a brick with these two things, the clay can be found near the water and under the sand, a shovel is necessary.

Coal can be found in caves or underground, if you go through the Nether and kill a skeleton, it often drops some units of coal. Remember to save those units next to the mentioned claywhich is in the end what is going to be worth what we want.

You need three bricks, these are going to go in the oven to craft a pot, you need at least three, which will be placed as in the image above. Once you get to place it, it will show you the result of the aforementioned pot, which can carry different plants inside.

What can I plant in a pot?

potted flowers

The pots will serve for more than just decoration, you can plant seeds, get food, make drinks, dyes and decoration. The plants give a harvest that will serve us throughout a game that can have infinite options, therefore when using it, plant some seed.

Among the things you can plant, you can put carrot seeds, potatoes, melons, pumpkins, wheat, you can put tree seeds and many other options. Sugar cane is another of the rich seeds. especially if you want to eat the same to recover health.

Other things that you can plant are cocoa pods, plant vines, cacti, mushrooms, nether warts and flowers, but they are not the only things available. The pot can bring you little things, if you decide to plant in it, it is best to transfer the plant to the same land.

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hanging pots

yellow pot

Just like in real life, in Minecraft you can hang the pots, thus having a much better aesthetic than if you place it in one place. Hanging pots can be added to your home, also on exterior walls, as well as being able to put them in other places.

They can be placed on the walls, for this you will need a piece of iron, which will be attached to the pot and can be placed on the wall. This type of hanging pots are worth to set any roomgiving it a much more personal environment.

The pot itself is crafted quickly using various materials., put a piece of iron on it and with this you will have a hanging pot, you can put it in places of medium height. To place it, select the item in your inventory and do it near the wall for it to be placed.

pot function

Large Minecraft Pot

The main function of this container is to be able to plant things, for this you have to use the seeds, they can be thrown if you approach and enter the inventory, clicking on them. The pot can be placed outside the house and the result can be seen, you can see how the plant grows over the days.

Planting carrots in it will depend on the capacity of this pot, which are usually small in size, but it is valid if you want to create a few. Carrots are one of the many plantable thingsthis will allow you to eat and revitalize the character.

A pot has the height of 3/8 blocks, in it you can walk and it does not deteriorate, it can be used by the user to gain height, among other uses. The pot is an object that can be used a lot if you know how to use it, especially if you want to obtain useful items.

Minecraft has one type of flower pot, but you can make it different, even make places like a big flower pot. The Mojang Studios title is so extensive that you can make this pot become a bit bigger if you add more bricks.

If you put three bricks plus another threeyou can expand and create a pot superior to the one you get with only three bricks, use the oven, which is the pillar so that everything is melted and the object is created.

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