How to find a village in Minecraft: all the ways

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Finding inhabited places is essential in Minecraft. These sites can be castles, temples or villages, as you already know. Many users want to know how to find a village in Minecraft, since they do not know how they can do this in the well-known game. Luckily, there are several methods in which you can find a village within this universe.

Inhabited sites are of great importance because they are places where we are going to be able to trade. So it is essential that we go to find one when we are playing. Villages are possibly the most important in this case, as there will be more people in them, such as villagers, each with a profession.

To the answer of how to find a village in Minecraft we have several answers. Currently there are four ways it can be done this in the game. This will allow each user to choose the method that he considers most appropriate for his situation or the simplest based on his skills and experience in this game. These four methods that we tell you below will let you find a slope in the wide world of the game.

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Aspects to consider

Before entering fully into this matter, there are some aspects that we must take into account. So that we are going to avoid going around this universe without having any luck in this search. There are a series of previous steps that we are going to have to check so that it is possible to find these sites:

  • You should activate Random Structures in the options before you start playing Survival Mode. This allows you to see the inhabited places that are in the biome.
  • Not all biome types can be inhabited. There will only be people (villagers) in the taiga, plain, savannah and desert in Minecraft.
  • The larger the biome, the more likely it is to have inhabited places.

How to find a village in Minecraft

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In a biome there may be inhabited places, such as villages. Unfortunately, we are not always going to be sure that there are, so in many cases we must consider that the probability is high and thus start with this search for a village. As mentioned before, there are a total of four methods for this in the game.

None of these methods will make us find the village directly, at least not in all cases, but they are a good help in this regard. In most cases they will place us very close to where this village is, so the process will be faster. We are not going to spend hours and hours looking for a village within Minecraft. It is good to know more about how they work, since you will surely use more than one. We are going to tell you more about each of these methods individually below.

Use the Chunkbase page

The first method in this case is through the Chunkbase page where you will find a tool with which you can find villages, although it is not entirely accurate. The objective of this page is that users will be able to find a village within Minecraft, so it is something that can be a huge help within the game. It is not the most accurate, unfortunately, but in many cases it can get us quite close to the location of a village.

If you have created a world, it is recommended to use the Seed number in this case. For PC Java version, you can use the command /seed in the chat console to access the number of the world you are currently playing. It is an important fact, so it may be good that you are going to write it down. If they cannot use the command, once you have created the world, return to the main menu. Select your game, hit “Redo”, click on “More world options” and then you will be able to see the Seed number of your game on the screen.

When you already have this number, you have to put it in the «Seed» slot on the Chunkbase website. You have to put the version of the game corresponding to yours, something important in this sense. The option is below the coordinate map, on the right side. Then click on the blue button «Find Villages!» and a series of points will appear on the map. Points represent the villages in an approximate position on said map.

If you want to know the coordinates of one of these points you will only have to place the mouse over them. You have to look at the XZ numbers that are shown in the lower left side of the map and you will be able to find said village on the map. It is good that you write down these numbers, because they will clearly help you find a village in Minecraft.

Teleportation and village location tricks

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It may be the case that you already know the coordinates of a village within Minecraft, or at least approximate coordinates. In this case you can use this trick to find or reach it. This trick is the command /teleport or /tp. This command is divided into different sections: /tp [Tu nombre] XY Z. First you have to write the name, always respecting upper and lower case letters in it. Then, you have to write in order each number of the coordinate in which that village is. If it contains a negative number, the corresponding symbol must be used. It is important to do this, because otherwise you will end up in another point on said map and very far from this village.

On the other hand, if you are currently in a game and do not want to leave it, you will also be able to choose the /locate command. For PC and in Spanish, the trick is /locate Aldea, respecting capital letters at all times. If you play from mobile phones or English versions of the game then the trick is /locate village.

What this command is going to do is locate the closest village to the position you are in at the moment. However, it is usual that you only receive the values ​​for the XZ coordinates, that is, you are not given information about the Y position. When you want to use the teleport function, you will have to try your luck with different values ​​for Y. you get buried, you’re going to have to dig fast. Also, it’s best to avoid putting a number too high, as if you do this, you risk dying from the corresponding drop.

Use a known Seed

Those who do not want to create a new world in Minecraft, have an additional option. In this case you can bet on using a Seed you know well. As you may already know, we are going to find several of them on the Internet. In addition, in many cases these seeds are full of villages and inhabited areas. So it will work well in this process of finding a village within Minecraft.

By using many of these seeds, you are going to see that it begins directly in a town, so the process becomes much easier this way within the game. If you decide to use this method, it’s important that you get the correct Seed number when you create a world. It is a common mistake, which can certainly have significant consequences.


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The fourth and last of the methods is the most traditional and the one that will take the longest. I mean, let’s goExplore the world ourselves in search of said village. So we can find a village in Minecraft in any of its versions. This is a method that requires more work and patience, which is why many users do not use it. Although there are some ways to make this much more bearable.

The main recommendation is that get yourself a mount as soon as possible, since the exploration will be faster thanks to it. In addition, it is important that you only look at the plains, savannas, deserts and taigas biomes, since as we have said before, these are the areas where we are going to find villages in the game. So we focus on them.

If you have decided to explore, there is a trick that will be very helpful. Open the in-game chat console and type /gamemode creative to activate Minecraft Creative mode. In this mode, press the jump button twice. This will allow you to float and see the world around you better. Finding a village will be much easier from above, so this process will be done a little faster thanks to this simple trick. You will save a lot of time.

Another way to write this cheat is by exchanging “creative” for “c” or “1”. If you want to go back to Survival mode, type /gamemode survival. You can change “survival” to “s” or “0”.

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