How much money does Sylvester Stallone have? This is his fortune in 2022

Photo credit: ALBERTO PIZZOLI - Getty Images

Photo credit: ALBERTO PIZZOLI – Getty Images

Sylvester Stallone’s entire careerspanning five decades, goes back to his early success with Rocky (1976) – he is currently running the reboot of Rocky IV after confessing that he almost died after his fight with Dolph Lundgren, he has already announced that he is withdrawing from the sequel to the Creed franchise and has said goodbye to the saga of the Mercenaries–, the well-known story of a helpless boxer who wrote and starred in it. Of course, Sly needs no introduction, and his filmography speaks for itself, but… How much money do you have? This is your fortune in 2022.

To the Broncano in The resistance, let’s say that eThe net worth of the actor and director is estimated at 450 million dollars until this 2022 thanks to a lifetime of success that he has developed in the film industry, with an almost unfathomable filmography page on IMDb. It is estimated that more than 4 million dollars enter each month, for an annual total that exceeds 40 million. In addition, Stallone has many properties; he recently sold a house in Beverly Hills valued at $10 million. And we also know that he loves American muscle cars, in his garage we can find from Bugatti Veyron, Bentley Continental GTC, Chevrolet Camaro, Mercedes Benz SL65 and much more.

Soon, and to continue fattening his checking account, Sly will premiere ‘Kansas City’ –his debut on the small screen–, the new Paramount series where we will see Stallone as the new capo of the New York mafia Dwight ‘El General’ Manfredi. The production will follow Manfredi – who appears to be a fictional character not based on any real person – after he is released from prison. The idea of ​​the series is to offer Manfredi’s dilemma: after being released and after offering his services for 25 years, he finds himself exiled in Tulsa (Oklahoma) by his mafia family. In Tulsa, Manfredi prepares to build a new criminal empire with new people. The cast will include veteran actors in the crime genre such as Max Casella (The Sopranos), Domenick Lombardozzi (The Wire) and Vincent Piazza (Boardwalk Empire).

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