Hint for your ex? Chris Pratt publishes controversial message on networks

For the second time, users of social networks have asked that the American actor, Chris Pratt, be canceled for his recent publication made on his Instagram account, which has caused quite a bit of controversy.

And it is that the interpreter of Star-Lord in the Marvel saga ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ He shared a loving message for his current wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, whom he thanks for giving him an amazing life and a healthy daughter.

“Guys, seriously, look how he looks at me! I mean, find someone who looks at you like that! Do you know? We met at church. She has given me an amazing life, a beautiful and healthy daughter, she chews so hard that sometimes I put on headphones so I don’t hear, but that’s love! ”, It was part of the message she wrote.

did not go unnoticed

However, although at first glance it is nothing more than a message of love, some of his words were related to his ex-partner, actress Anna Faris with whom she also had a son named Jack.

It was Pratt’s detail regarding the health of his daughter Lyla that has not gone unnoticed by Internet users, who considered this as a hint to the condition of the son he had with his previous partner, who was born prematurely, for which he suffered a serious cerebral hemorrhage, which affected his legs and his vision.

Therefore, users returned trend the hashtag #ChrisPrattthrough which they ask to cancel the actor’s projects due to the lack of sensitivity and respect towards the condition of his firstborn.

In a matter of hours, social networks were filled with countless comments with positions against the actor for the message he spread. on your Instagram account.

“Someone to remind Chris Pratt that Anna Faris loved him even when he was unemployed, depressed and fat”; “I knew Chris Pratt was an asshole but not that much”; “I hope that the male cast of Avengers does not commit the stupidity of going out to defend Chris Pratt’s asshole again”, are just some of the comments.

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