Gigi Hadid killed the rumor of the pregnancy of Rihanna on the arrival of twins

Thanks to a misunderstood comment, Gigi Hadid retracts a rumor he didn’t want to start about him Rihanna’s pregnancy.

Just a few days ago, after the world learned that Rihanna was expecting her first child with her partner, A$AP Rocky, thanks to a stunning photo shoot by street stylethe ‘Anti’ artist herself posted a sweet confirmation on Instagram: ‘How the gang made it to Black History Month,’ Rihanna wrote on February 2, alongside a more recent photo of her baby bump and some images from the family photo shoot done by Miles Diggs.

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Like many of the hundreds of thousands of commenters on the post, Gigi Hadid responded to the photos with emotion and emojis. ‘😭🥺 three angels 💘’, the model replied to the post, and that’s where things got crazy. Beneath Hadid’s comment, that he has received more than 25,000 likesfans suddenly became elated with the idea that Rihanna was pregnant with twins.

It must have taken Hadid a few days to review her answers, but when she did, she felt the need to clarify: ‘I just found out about this ruckus 😅,’ she wrote. ‘I meant Rih/Rocky/baby lol.’ Lol, indeed.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

A source told People what Rihanna and A$AP Rocky ‘couldn’t be happier’ for their growing family: ‘Having a baby is something she was never focused on, but being with Rocky opened her up to the idea. She couldn’t be happier and she is so excited to be a mom,” the source said. ‘She everything she does RihannaYou do it your way and on your own schedule, and having a baby is no different. They are just like any other set of parents-to-be. Yeah, they happen to be famous, but they’re just the cutest young couple expecting kids.

In May 2021, the rapper described Rihanna as ‘the love of his life’ in an interview with GQ. He also referred to the magnate of Fenty as ‘the One’ while discussing why she favors monogamy over singleness. ‘It’s so much better when you have the One,’ she says. ‘[Rihanna] probably equals a million of the others. I think when you know, you know. She is the only one’.

Article originally from Glamor US,, adapted by Paola Zamarripa.

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