Fortnite: Epic beats cheater in court and donates proceeds to charity

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For years, Epic Games made it clear that it would not give cheaters any kind of respite. Fortnite. Proof of this is that he took several players to court for selling, distributing and promoting the use of third-party software to win a window in the Battle Royale. He even sued a minor in a controversial case.

The company has not stopped using this method to give its game cheaters a well-deserved punishment. Proof of this is that he recently won a case where he accused a player of selling Battle Royale accounts. In the end, Epic Games got away with it, while the defendant had to pay a fine. The company took the opportunity to make a good gesture, donating all the money to charity.

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Punished cheater Fortnite and your money is used for a good cause

Brandon Despotakis, known as Balzefn, had a business where he sold Battle Royale cheats and accounts. So Epic Games decided to report the subject for violating the game’s terms of service, infringing the company’s copyright, making illegal sales and violating agreements license.

The player offered tools for deadly aim, coin accounts, rare skins, completed Battle Passes and more content. The authorities agreed with the studio, so the subject had to publicly apologize and pay an undisclosed sum to Epic for all damages.

The studio will donate the profits to Child’s Play, a non-profit organization that seeks to help children and adolescents who are in hospitals. On the other hand, it will penalize all the people who bought illegal content, so possibly the sold accounts will be deactivated.

“The sale of compromised accounts and cheating technologies puts people’s information at risk and ruins the experience of those who play fairly. We take the illegal sale of these items very seriously and will pursue all available options to ensure our games remain fun, fair and never pay-to-win,” Epic said.

For his part, the player issued a statement acknowledging that what he was doing was illegal and that his actions harmed the community of Fortnite. “Until very recently I sold tricks for Fortnite unauthorized, and compromised player accounts from Fortnite. I will no longer do this because Epic Games caught me and started legal proceedings against me in Australia. I am also subject to legal restrictions that prevent me from doing this in the future and must pay a monetary settlement that Epic will donate to charity.”

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