Filming of ‘Fast & Furious 10 “gets underway. Rumors insist on Vin Diesel’s upcoming arrival

Published: Tuesday, 10 May 2022 – news editorial staff

Genzano (current affairs) – fake rotating bomb that will roll from the old cathedral square across the ancient via Livia (Italo Belardi)

In a world exclusive, the video of the fake rotating bomb that will roll from the piazza del Duomo old all over the ancient Via Livia (Italo Belardi) for the filming of the film Fast & Furious X that are being shot these days until May 17 in Genzano, in the historic center.


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Meanwhile the rumors of the presence of Vin Diesel in one of the scenes that will be shot in Genzano are becoming more and more insistent, even if for a few minutes. News still not confirmed by official sources, perhaps for reasons of security and confidentiality, which the well-known Hollywood actor asked, who yesterday shot some reckless scenes with an American super car on the Tiber in Rome that seems to have to end up in the Roman river.

Update at 13– Jason Mamoa was immortalized with his staff in front of the Hotel Eden in Rome by a member of the gastronomic group SPQR Grillers of Genzano who told the actor “I’m from Genzano”. The actor then replied: “Nice, very nice Genzano”. Jason Mamoa then went out for lunch. It is not clear if he will be in a club in the capital or if he will head towards the Castelli Romani to see Genzano or other places.


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