FASHION Crime: This dress does not flatter any woman, not even Britney Spears

Britney Spears is causing a lot of furor in their social networks by sharing photos where they leave nothing to the imagination. Within her photo session that she shared without clothes, a video appeared where she shows a dress is considered a crime for fashionyes, the singer appears with a big smile.

The clip shows the singer inside her house with a striped dress that does not favor her at all. The garment is long-sleeved, has a pronounced neckline and is long above the ankles. But the most important thing are the lines in the design, since they are diagonal and do not favor the look of the ‘Princess of Pop’.

Britney appears inside her living room doing a catwalk for the camera. With a big smile, she walks around so that the back of her dress can also be seen. But that does not mean that it remains a crime for fashion. The video was titled “before I got pregnant video download… I have like 40 more fashion videos so get ready.”

The reaction

The publication has more than 3 million views and endless comments where you can find divided opinions. On the one hand, some where they say that it looks incredible, but there are also others where they confirm that it is not a good garment, due to the fashion trends that exist today.

“Queen of fashion shoots”, “Oh dear, stop”, “An icon of our generation. This is for you, queen”, “Fashion Videos, I don’t see fashion”, “My God, what happened to her? Why doesn’t her boyfriend do anything? Has no sense”, “The Met gala has nothing to do with Britney Spears”, “It’s good to see you smile”; are some of the comments that appear on the post.

Thanks to the title, it can be known that Britney will not only share this video doing a catwalk, but that she has a long list of clips to continue showing her style. Yes indeed, among so many photos he will continue to share some surprises like the ones from this week where he showed himself natural by not wearing any clothes.

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