Error code 286 in Roblox: solution

To say that Roblox is one of the most popular games of the last decade is not an exaggeration. The platform with hundreds of minigames it is the place of comfort for many children, young people and even adults who not only come to Roblox to play, but also to create and share.

However, even if you are the most die-hard Roblox fan, you have to admit that the game is riddled with bugs that ruin the experiencewhich is partly understandable given its malleable nature.

For this reason, a while ago we made an article with all the Roblox errors and solutions on mobile and PC. However, in this article we do not include roblox error 286 that has been affecting many players in recent weeks. So, this time, we are going to show you how to fix that annoying error.

Possible causes of error 286 in Roblox

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First thing’s first… Why do I get error code 286 in Roblox? According to the error message itself, this problem appears because you don’t have enough memory on your device to run the Roblox experience you want to play. To be more specific, the message in English literally says the following «your device does not have enough memory to run this experience. Exit back to the app“, which is more or less the same as mentioned above.

In a nutshell, Roblox tells you that it’s your device that doesn’t have enough RAM to blame. However, the truth is that the cause of this problem It is usually a failure in the Roblox servers or in the game app. So don’t worry as this error usually has nothing to do with your device.

How to fix error 286 in Roblox

error code 286 roblox

There are several solutions that you can try to fix error code 286 on Roblox. Here we present all the possible ones in a list:

  • restart the game: Quit the app and close it completely (on Android you need to go to Settings > Apps > Roblox > Force stop). Then reopen it and check if that fixed the problem.
  • Login from scratch: Go to the Roblox settings and press the option to Sign out (on Android it is located in the More section). Next, log in again with your usual Roblox account.
  • Clear the game cache: on Android it is done from Settings> Applications> Roblox> Storage> Clear cache. If it doesn’t work for you, tap on the wipe data option as well and see if that fixes it.
  • Update the Roblox app: To do this, you have to go to the app store where you downloaded the game and select Roblox. If an update is available, it will appear for you to install it. It is possible that an update will eliminate the error.
  • Do a clean install of Roblox: Simply put, uninstall the app from the game and reinstall it from the app store.


  • Check if Roblox is down: To do this, you can see if they have announced something in the official roblox twitter account or in the Downdetector service for Roblox. In the latter, if you notice a recent very high spike in the graph, it means that the problem is not with you, but with the server. You just have to wait for them to fix it.
  • Play with a different VPN or DNS: Your device may not be connecting properly to the Roblox servers. To fix this, try playing with one of these free VPNs active or changing your Android’s DNS.
  • Close all apps on your device: If the problem is really low RAM on your device, then try force stopping all open apps on your device to free up as much space as possible. And if your phone has virtual RAM, this is the time to activate it. Afterward, you should have enough RAM to run the Roblox game you wanted to play.
  • Uninstall apps you don’t use: Roblox may need more storage space to run a certain experience. Likewise, it is possible that you have apps installed on your mobile that you do not use regularly and are taking up valuable space. In addition, these apps may be active in the background taking up RAM memory. Therefore, the solution is to uninstall them. Here are 3 methods to uninstall apps on Android.

Sometimes the error 286 in Roblox This is a temporary problem that fixes itself. just waiting a few minutes. If this is not your case, then you should think about changing your mobile for a more powerful one. Here is a list of the 10 best Xiaomi phones with NFC that are not bad in price.

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